Building collapse in Nigerian Lagos - What is the death toll?

This tragedy is not the first one in NIgeria. Learn what happened in Lagos this time.

The number of the victims of a building collapse in Lagos has grown up to 35.

Building collapse in Nigerian Lagos

The collapse of the five-floor building in the Nigerian city of Lagos, according to preliminary data, was provoked by a heavy rain. As a result of incident, thirty five persons, including a woman with child, have died.

The incident has happened on Tuesday around Lekki. There are some of the most expensive real estate objects. Earlier it was reported only about 22 victims.

Building collapse in Lagos

Today we have resumed search operation and have taken more bodies from under blockages, thus, total number of the dead has reached 35 people — said press agency.

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According to the last information, 13 people have been rescued from broken blocks of the building. Some of them were taken to the central hospital of Lagos; they were given help and allowed to go home.

Building collapse

At the moment, it is unknown what has caused a building collapse, which happened after a storm rain. Nevertheless, the governor of Lagos said that the contractor should be arrested. He believes that the building was built without necessary control. According to him, such people want to earn money as quicker possible, and because of it forget the basic rules.

Local authorities said that they will conduct investigation.

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