Can sagging breasts be lifted naturally?

Breast sagging is a very common female problem. Of course, none of us want to face it, but if you already have, read this article and find out how to lift your sagging breast naturally.

sagging breasts

Women's Breasts can be beautiful regardless of size. Some men go crazy over lush female busts, others like a slight, almost boyish Breasts in Japanese women and Chinese women. Some are of the opinion that the guys considered the best the size that entirely fills their palms.

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But for sure, nobody likes sagging breasts, resembling the drooping ears of the Spaniel. So if a lady has sagging breasts, it is a reason to worry about.

Reasons to have sagging breasts:

There are a lot of reasons, for example, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, genetic predisposition, age-related changes (atrophy of the glandular tissue), too much bust.

sagging breasts

Officially, this phenomenon is called ptosis of the breast, which is divided into degrees depending on the distance between the inframammary crease (under the breast) and the nipple. The standard nipple should be above the fold, with the strongest degree of ptosis the nipple falls below the crease line of more than 3 cm.

Unfortunately, development of the omission is unavoidable, as with age weakens supernova ligament, which attaches the bust to the pectoral muscles, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, and under the action of the force of gravity, the Breasts tend to fall and sag.

Modern plastic surgery can lift sagging Breasts with mastopexy (breast lift). But if a woman's bust is large enough, the lifting will not help; you first need to do reduction mammoplasty, i.e. to reduce it.

These operations are not recommended for those who plan a future with a child and are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, oncological diseases, any mastitis.

sagging breasts

If a mastopexy is contraindicated for a lady because of a health condition or a woman just for some reason does not want to go under the surgeon's knife, she can try to tighten sagging Breasts at home.

Exercises for sagging breasts to be fixed:

Exercises for sagging breasts are made to strengthen the muscular cushions under the breasts and the ligaments to which they are attached to the pectoral muscles.

The most efficient are recognized the following exercises:

  • ushups or bench;
  • bench press from a prone position;
  • raising the hands to the sides and back, keeping them in the expander from a sitting position or standing;

    sagging breasts
  • when standing keep your hands on the weight at chest level, arms folded palm to palm, press them against each other until you feel the tension in the chest muscles;
  • stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, right arm put on the thigh, and the left describes several large circles forward and back, then the hand's change.

You must train at least four times a week, and continually increase loads. The first time exercises to help elevate the Breasts can be done 3-5 times, and then gradually increase the length of the series up to 20 times.

Don't forget that before exercise one must do warm-up exercises to prepare the body for physical activity.

At the end of all the activities do the hitch, to calm the body, withdrawal from it decay products, reduce temperature and heart rate, reducing muscle pain. After a hitch, you should take a contrast shower, not forgetting the aqua massage of the chest, which improves circulation and increases lymph flow.

sagging breasts

Cosmetic procedures

In beauty salons, they offer a vacuum massage. It can be done at home if you acquire the necessary set of cans and a vacuum pump.

On a chest area apply a special cream and by using cans. Make movements in the direction from the nipple to the axillary troughs. As a result of accelerated cellular metabolism, the toxins are removed from the skin. The skin of the breast becomes more elastic, and the aging process slows down.

Do not forget that any message has a lot of contraindications. For example, in malignant processes in the breast, even at the beginning, this method cannot be used.

The skin of the bust plays the role of a framework that supports the glandular tissue. Caring and nourishing it, the woman protects the breast from further sagging.

You can use creams and masks for breast, which are in abundance produced by many manufacturers of cosmetics.

sagging breasts

Homemade remedies also have something to offer to solve the problem. There are many covers based on fruit, berries, vegetables, herbs. A milk-curd mask, a mask of milk and ground oatmeal, pulp of raw potato nourish and moisturize the sagging breast skin.

Do a hydrating mask 2-3 times a week and use moisturizer twice a day.

Be sure to try the homemade masks for a breast lift.

To tighten sagging breasts and to prevent the deterioration of the situation, it is important to choose a bra that lifts the breasts. It should not change breast shape or limit the movement. Too-tight bra causes stagnation in the mammary glands; too-free will not perform a supportive function, which will lead to stretching supernova ligaments and will cause even more sagging.

The width of the straps depends on the size of the breast. The heavier is the breast; the greater should be the straps.

The best way to prevent sagging breasts is to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of breasts from a young age.

Never sunbathe topless, delicate skin in this area is fading and is aging even faster than the face.

Fitness or sport is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle, but to practice them, including exercises for saggy breasts, you need to wear special bras, tighter than usual, to avoid stretching the already weak ligaments, by which the mammary glands are connected with the pectoral muscles.

Some girls, especially pregnant women, are so afraid of saggy breast and stretch marks, even sleep in a bra. It is meaningless; the chest is lowered under the force of gravity that is directed toward the center of the earth and acts on the mammary glands when their owner is. When a lady is in a horizontal position, sagging does not occur.

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