Composting toilets: how they are made?

Can you make a simple composting toilet at home using two large buckets? Learn how to do it.

Composting toilets

These devices make life easier, safer and eco friendly. You get your needs met without damaging the environment. How are the composting toilets made? Learn now.

Composting toilets: cheap and easy solution:

The processes that take place in such toilets are similar to those in your garden. Any organic material can be composted or processed and then used to fertilize your garden and plants. In the soil bacteria and worms do the job. You can use them in your composting toilet, too. Making a toilet like that can save you money and provide you with the safer home, yard and garden.


How to make a composting toilet:

List of supplies

  • Two large buckets
  • Medical toilet seat
  • One plant pot that fits inside the bucket
  • Compost
  • Red worms
  • Subsoil

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As you see, the things you need cost less than those for the regular toilet. Composting toilet costs much cheaper. You can use soil bacteria, sold in garden stores instead of the worms, but red worms are cheaper, as you can go and just dig them out.

Here is what you do, you use one bucket for the urine and the other one for poop. You just place the seat over the bucket and do your thing. Use sawdust or straw to cover up each layer. You get the urine bucket full mixed with the sawdust. You can just dump it into the composting pile in your garden or use as mulch for your plants.

 toilets how they are made

It contains much of nitrogen and helps the sawdust or straw to get composted faster and nourish the plants. However, the bucket has to contain urine only with no feces. Then it is safe to use just like that mixed with dry components.

As to the poop bucket, you should place a planter inside it. place some soil in the planter then add live red worms or special bacteria to process the feces in it. Then after each use of the bucket, add the wood chips or sawdust and straw into the bucket and cover up with the top.

Once it gets filled up, set it aside and let the materials in it get composted. They also get cleansed and become safe for using in your garden. You may dig out a hole for the compost and cover it with concrete. Dump the contents of the bucket in there and add more worms. Let it sit there for few months. You can keep adding new portions of the material along with leaves, food remains, etc.

When it changes the smell and gets well composted and rotten, you can use it for your garden. That’s the cheapest way to dispose of your feces and other organic materials in the household without making it dangerous for you and for the environment you live in.

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