Death toll in Lagos court – Has Chidi lawyer really died there?

So sad what happened in the Lagos court! Learn the news now.

No one is surprise by people coming late to places due to Lagos traffic. Even lawyers can come late at times, but death is never late. This particular lawyer named Chidi arrived to Lagos court a bit late and started to do his work of defending the rugs. What happened next amazing everyone.

death in lagos court

The lawyer stopped his speech, fell down to the ground and died right in the court room. This has happened in the Magistrates Court of Lagos.

chidi death in court

Chidi was defending two men who supposedly stole the meat and their theft was evaluated at N28 000. The lawyer was struggling with the traffic on his way to court and asked the judge to change the date of hearing. Presently it has been changed to April 14 due to his death.

lawyer death in court

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The man cried out and complained about the pain in his chest. He was an Igbo man and used the word “Obim”. Then he fainted and was taken to the other hall. The doctors arrived when the lawyer was not breathing anymore. What a tragic event! R.I.P. Mr. Chidi.

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