Earthquake in Oyo state: nuts and bolts of the disaster

Have you heard of the horrible earthquake in the Oyo State? Read and find out more about the disaster.


Nowadays earthquakes are not that rare. The Nigerian Oyo State has recently suffered from the earthquake. It scared the habitants a lot. Most of them left everything they owned and tried to run away as far as possible.

The government also tried to evacuate the people but it didn’t work that well. The governmental representatives are now busy looking at the damage the earthquake caused and evaluating the destruction level.

The investigators are now looking at the buildings that got damaged because of the earth vibration. It obviously caused a lot of destruction. The experts are not sure how time it will take to recover everything.

Every area of the destroyed buildings experienced a huge strong shaking. But what is more shocking, there are thousands of people who are left without their own houses now.

It is an extremely bad event not only for the habitats but also for the whole economical situation in Nigeria in general.

Right now those people don’t have their own houses and they are far away from the places they used to live and know very well. And there is no hope that they will have their properties back.

Right now the government is providing all the victims with a place to live, food and all the necessary things to survive. In addition to this, those people are actually the lucky ones.

There were a lot more reported dead. The earthquake also caused a lot of fires that killed a lot of habitants.


The reason for the earthquake to occur is described as the huge windstorm that occurred a little bit earlier that day. The government also said that it’s connected to farmers being not careful with their inflammable properties.

Right now the farmers are warned once again. The earthquake also influenced their corps. In general this horrible disaster led to a lot of victims and to immediate decreasing in the economics.

Top 5 worst earthquakes in history of the mankind

The earthquake in Nigeria was not as serious as in other countries before. The most destructive disasters took lives of an enormous amount of people and cost unbelievable amounts of money for the government to recover.

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Sicily, Italy

It happened in the 17th century but people still remember the disaster and its victims. It happened on the south of the country and the strength amounted to 7.4.

It is definitely the worst earthquake that has ever happened in Italy. The destruction was hard to estimate. About hundred of towns and villages were washed away forever.

The amount of victims was more than 50 thousand people. In addition to it, after the earthquake there also occurred a tsunami. After it, almost all the population of the south of Italia was killed.

Rudbar, Iran


This terrible disaster happened almost 30 years ago – in 1990. It was close to the Rashi city. Nearly a thousand of the cities were destroyed. The amount of victims was also indescribable.

It cost thousands of millions dollars for Iran to recover after it. But it also took a lot of time and caused a lot of building destructions along with a lot of homeless people.

Izmit, Turkey

It is the third worst earthquake that has ever happened.

The strength of it was 7.9. Even though it lasted just seconds, the damage was huge. It occurred in the ciry of Izmit. The number of dead people reached nearly twenty thousands.

The other fifty thousand survived but got some serious injuries. All those people lost their loved ones, their houses. They had to leave their neighbourhoods in order to find a way to survive. The historic sites of Turkey suffered badly too.

Nankaido, Japan

This disaster was extremely powerful – 8.6. However, it happened a really long time ago in the fifteenth century in the town in Japan. The tsunami followed the earthquake so the ground suffered a lot.

There were almost thirty thousand casualties. The shaking of the earth also caused the earthquake in the other side of the country, where a lot of important and famous architectural buildings were forever destroyed.



It happened just a year ago and it’s considered to be the biggest earthquake that has every happened in the history of mankind. There were thousands of people dead and even more people injured.

It was caused by the natural reasons so there is no one to blame. But Nepal suffered a lot. Not only it lost a lot of habitants but the disaster also destroyed a lot of historical places.

The strength was about 7.8. But the damage it caused was so huge that people still can’t recover from it. The most important monuments were destroyed and a lot of villages are now gone forever.

This disaster is often compared to the nuclear explosions.

The earthquakes are really scary disasters and no one is safe, no one can just hide from it. That’s why we need to know the safety rules and try to always be ready for something like that to happen. However, earthquakes in Nigeria don’t occur that often.

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