House of Assembly Speaker's aide rapes a 7-year-old girl

It turns out that the speaker of the Nigerian House of Assembly is a dangerous criminal. Find out how Onose raped an innocent little girl.

John Onoze

Nigeria is shocked by the news from the House of Assembly. It looks like one of its members John Onose turned out to be a criminal! According to several sources, he is guilty of raping a 7-year-old girl.

Onose is fifty four years old and he holds a post of a speaker in the Nigerian House of Assembly. The media states that he deceived a little girl and cruelly raped her somewhere in the bushes.

Right now he is under arrest for committing such a crime.

The mother of a seven-year-old is still quite shocked by what happened to her daughter. She says that she found out what actually happened only a few days later.

She realized that something was wrong after her daughter said that she was in pain. When her mom found out who did that to her she promised to make it known to the public.

They were actually neighbours and that’s how the rape took place. The speaker called the girl and she ran to him.

Her mother didn’t notice anything suspicious at first but then she talked to a girl who told her that there was something wrong with her.

After the girl was taken to the clinic, the doctors were also in shock. They saw what the man did to an innocent girl and the consequences were just terrible.

The doctors that care for her right now say that she will get better and there is no danger for her life but she still has serious wounds and she might also need a psychological treatment.

Her mom is very worried for her and sometimes she tends to blame herself for what happened because she wasn’t paying much attention to what the little girl was doing.

John Onoze

She shared her emotions with the journalists. The mom of a victim says that she saw where her daughter was coming from but she didn’t think that her neighbour would be able to do such a horrible thing to her child.

The girl also didn’t say anything at first. However, later she started to complain about pain in her stomach and privates. Her mom told her to take a shower and lay down for a while.

But obviously it never helped and the girl kept on complaining. After her mother took a closer look she realised that the girl was most likely raped.

The woman was so shocked she didn’t know what to do. She realized that it had to be someone who lives close to their house as the girl didn’t go far away.

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So what she did was talking to her neighbours and asking if they saw something. She was in panic so sometimes she behaved even too emotional. At first no one said anything so she came back home.

But after they went for a walk together with her daughter the truth became obvious as the poor victim pointed at him. Her mom became furious and threatened Onose.

After that a 7-year-old told her mom everything. She said that he asked her to come closer and she obeyed. And later he started touching her and finally got inside.

The poor girl tried to scream but his hand covering her mouth didn’t allow her to do that. He was raping her until he heard the voice of a woman calling the girl. He got scared and let her go.

After the incident the mom of the victim got threatened by him and his wife. They asked her not to inform the police but she still did.

John Onoze

According to the media, the police are still busy investigating this case right now. There are not a lot of details revealed yet.

The representatives state that it’s impossible to say anything else until they get the results of the medical examination.

Normally they wouldn’t have arrested the suspect because there is no proof yet but they think that it is the special situation so they need to make an exception to make sure everyone is safe.

Famous rapes in history

The Houston gang rapes

One of the most famous rapes occurred about 13 years ago in the United States of America. It happened in Texas and involved two minors who were coming back home late.

Elizabeth Pena was 16 and her younger friend Jennifer Ertman was only fourteen years old. The rape happened at about 12 am when they were coming home from a party but they didn’t want to be late.

That’s why they wanted to cut their road and go through the dangerous area full of gangs.

John Onoze

That’s why it was no surprise when they saw a group of drunk young guys who stared at them and tried to take control over them.

So the girls were not only raped but also murdered afterwards by a group of gangs. The police became aware of the crime after one of the gangs was telling his brother about his “accomplishment”.

So he got terrified and informed the police about the crime immediately. Most of the criminals got a death penalty.

Three guys who raped a girl from Ukraine

Another terrifying crime was committed by three men in 2012 to an innocent girl.

Her name was Oksana Makar and she was just 18 when she became famous in the whole country for being a victim of a really violent rape. Three guys raped her and after that they wanted to kill her.

The scariest thing is that they decided to set her on fire. When she was found she was still breathing but the injuries were incurable. Even though she was transformed to the hospital, Oksana still died.

The guys who committed this crime were expected to be arrested but it didn’t happen because apparently they paid the police. However, later they still went to prison.

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