How Oba Oseni Lagos monarch was kidnapped by militants?

Learn how the kidnapping of Lagos monarch Oba Oseni took place. The story is shocking.

Oba Oseni

These days horrible crimes are committed in Nigeria. And one of them is the kidnapping of Lagos monarch Oba Oseni. Learn how it has happened?

How was monarch kidnapped?

Oba Oseni is an elderly man of 73 years of age. At the time of kidnapping, he was at his residence. The events took place on Saturday around 11 p.m. As we know now there were at least 15 militants, who approached the palace.

 Lagos monarch

The monarch was about to take a bath, and two of his wives were helping him. They heard the kids scream in the parlor, and one of them went out to calm them. However, she faced two men with guns, who were about to enter the bathroom.

They asked the old man if he was the monarch. After hearing the positive answer, they took him away. One of the wives tried to stop them but was hit by the armed man and fell down. They left the phone to call and state their demands later on, but no call came in.


Oba Oseni kidnapped by militants

Two people were gunshot during the kidnapping, and one of them died. Many people gathered around the palace. Both Christians and Muslim came there to pray for Oba Oseni release and safe return to him home.

It’s a sad story of people’s lives being invaded by militants who have no mercy and no respect for young or old.

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