How to change my name on Facebook?

Do you want to change your Facebook name? What tips are the best? How to do it extremely fast? You’ll find out the answer on question ‘how to change my name on Facebook’ here!

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Name on the Facebook is the most important information for members of the network. Using it you can find classmates, old friends, colleagues, make friends, and associates. If you are looking for an answer on a question ‘how do I change my name on Facebook’ – this article will be very useful for you.

How to change my name on Facebook page

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Sometimes you need to change the personal information: surnames of women change, creative people find it necessary to add an alias, teenagers - to use an additional nickname, representatives of business – to use the key word in the course of their activities.

The article will be useful to anyone who wants to change their data in account settings, but does not know how to change the name on Facebook fast and not losing any information.

1. To do this, first you need to find the upper right corner of the page with icon ‘arrow’.

2. If you click the left mouse button on ‘the arrow’, a drop-down list of context menu will immediately appear.

3. In the list, select the command ‘Settings’, as the result the user will be redirected to the general account of settings and current personal data: name, username (the personal address of the user page in Facebook), email address, password, etc.

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4. Changing any of these is possible due to the command ‘edit’, arranged by line on the right side of the screen. For example, to edit the name, you should click on the link ‘Edit’ on the right of the appropriate line that opened a page with additional graphs to make changes.

Column ‘Name’ - this specifies the real name, in full or abbreviated form.

Column ‘Surname’- it indicates the user's current surname.

Name and surname of the user are displayed on the home page in English.

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5. If new data is entered correctly, without errors, the next step - click on the icon ‘Check changes’. There are two variants of writing the name, they will appear in the dialog box (Surname Name / Name Surname). After selecting the desired option, confirm it by entering a password, the user must save the updated settings (‘Save’ button).

6. With the introduction of data be sure to save the changes by pressing the button ‘Save Changes’ otherwise they won’t be saved.

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