How to clean grout and tiles naturally?

Are you tired of cleaning the tiles and grouts? Have you an allergy to the cleaning products? Then try to use natural cleaning methods!

chemical cleaning products

Today many people are trying to reduce the use of chemical cleaning products at home while cleaning grout and tiles. Some came to this decision because of the danger of environmental chemistry at the apartment. Others are forced to renounce the use of ready-made cleaning compositions due to an allergy to components included in their composition. But the question is how to clean tiles in the bathroom, can be solved without the use of tools released by the chemical industry.

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The easiest way to clean tile is to use soap. This tool is perfect for regular maintenance

way to clean

If the tiles are required a more serious cleaning, the question of how to clean the tiles in the bathroom and how to clean the bath, can be solved by finding the right tool in the kitchen cabinets. An ordinary household vinegar has a sufficient detergent action reagent against dirt.

The cleaning can be more efficient with using a vaporizer.

  • Take a vaporizer fitted and fill it with vinegar.

Take a vaporizer


To wash the tiles, you should use a six percent vinegar, not vinegar essence, which has a concentration of 80%.

If there is only a vinegar essence, it should be diluted with water. One portion of the essence should be mixed with 11 portions of water.

vinegar essence

  • Now vinegar should be sprayed on the walls, and you should clean them with a brush. It is not advisable to take a brush with colored synthetic bristles, as they may stain the surface.
  • If the walls are dirty, then sprinkle the vinegar, you should leave the tiles for a few minutes to allow the vinegar to destroy the dirt between tiles.
  • Then the tile should be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry with a cloth. To wipe the walls, you should buy cloth made of microfiber. They are available at any maintenance department. Such cloth perfectly absorbs moisture and does not leave streaks and dropped fibers to wipe the surface.

Vinegar perfectly washes dirt

Vinegar perfectly washes dirt on tile, also, it has antibacterial properties and detrimental effect on the molds. However, this cleaning method does not fit all, because vinegar has a fairly pungent smell. You can replace the vinegar with citric acid. You need a sponge to clean the tile in this case. You need a sponge, which should be lightly moistened, and then pour crystals of citric acid on it.

Pure alcohol has fairly good cleaning properties. For cleaning tiles, you can prepare a mixture consists of four liters of water and half of cup of pure alcohol.

Pure alcohol

However, you shouldn`t clean the tiles and grouts with alcohol and vinegar tiles too often, because it contributes to the destruction of grouts.

If you want to return the tile shine, you can use aqueous ammonia for that.

  • Prepare a mixture of two liters of water and a tablespoon of ammonia.
  • Pour the liquid into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture on the tile.
  • Leave it for five minutes, then wipe the walls with a damp cloth.
  • Wipe dry the tiles.

The floor tile should be timely processed

The floor tile should be timely processed with a vacuum cleaner and washed with a soap mixture. You can always count on the mixture of soap and clean water to wash the tiles and grouts.

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