How to get free money from ATM?

What are the possible ways to get money at ATM free and quickly? Why do the mistakes at ATM happen? Read the article to learn all possible methods and ways of solving the problem.

ATM: free money

ATM: free money

People daily use ATM for cash withdrawal from their cards. As practice shows, the more people use automatic machines, the more often they glitch. Recently questions from bank clients have become frequent. How is it possible to get free money from ATM? What to do if the ATM has given the incorrect sum? It can give either the bigger or smaller sum. Why is the ATM mistaken? There are 2 main reasons:

• A mistake in the system of operation of the ATM. The automatic machine can be mistaken and count several free money instead of one. Also, the ATM can incorrectly read out information from the block at the inquiry of the sum. For example, you enter three zero (000), and the ATM reads only 2 zero (00) or on the contrary.

• The mistake of collectors when filling ATM. The person is mistaken much more often. Collectors can mix cartridges with banknotes.

How to get free money fast

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What to do?

Many people will say that you win free money and in such situation, it is necessary to rejoice! However, it is absolutely incorrect. If you have received more money, the bank, by all means, will demand to return them. Therefore, it is better to make it independently and not to bring the matter to judicial proceedings. This situation can be considered as illegal enrichment. On such questions, the security service of bank works well, and in each bank, there is a special division, which is engaged in the operations made with ATM. In each device, the round-the-clock observation and fixation of all operations are conducted (date, the sum, time, card requisites). Each ATM is equipped with video camera, which fixes the appearance of the person so to find the one who withdrew money from the bank is possible. So if you have got free money now due to failure in the ATM, it is better to address to the bank and to return the money, having written the corresponding application, in which to describe a situation in details. The copy of the application needs to be kept until the end of trials.

How to get free money fast?

Unfortunately, at all desire, it isn't possible to do it specially. Anyway, you should return money back to the bank. The only way to receive money quickly is to earn it.

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