How to get rid of pillow insects?

What are the most popular methods of fighting against pillow insects? How the replacement of the filler in a pillow can help against bugs in it? Read the information below to learn about the most effective ways and how to get rid of pillow insects forever.

Bed bugs pillow covers

Methods of the fight against pillow insects can be divided on chemical and mechanical. The alternative methods directed to the destruction of pillow bugs are home remedies. Before use any of them, it will be necessary to remove a pillowcase. Then it is obligatory to wash it in hot water and to iron. Take out a pillow on the street, carefully examine it and beat out. After preparatory measures, it is possible to start the processing. The mechanical option is a replacement of filler in the pillow. The option will be suitable only for the pillows filled with feathers or down. They can be brought in a special firm where the filler will be cleared by means of the equipment, and the bedtick will be replaced with new.

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Bed bugs pillow covers

Chemical processing of a pillow means the use of special chemical remedies – bed bugs pillow protectors. It is better to choose aerosols or liquid sprays. In this case, think of bottles with sprays in advance. It will be necessary to process a pillow outside then to unstitch it and to process inside whenever it possible. After everything will be ready, it is better to take out a pillow in the sun to dry it out. It is possible to consider a freezing of bugs (to put a pillow in the freezer) processing the ferry, or washing (if the filler allows) in hot water, as the national methods. The potassium permanganate diluted in water (100 grams on 10 liters), is also effective. The pillow is processed with this solution and then dried. If the listed actions seem useless for you or time-demanding, which you don't want, just replace a pillow with a new one – it is easier in all the times. But it will be preferable to call specialists in disinfection, who will process not only the pillow but also the whole room. Most likely, bugs have managed to equip nests not only in a pillow, so it is necessary to take radical measures for the fight against parasites.

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