How to prepare hibiscus hair oil at home?

Hibiscus hair oil is very good for hair loss, dandruff removal, hair regrowth, making hair thicker and for healthy hair. This homemade hibiscus hair oil is highly beneficial in hair growth and shows good results in hair loss too. This hair oil is made using hibiscus leaves and hibiscus flowers.

hibiscus hair oil
Hibiscus is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to treating hair loss and promoting thick hair growth.

Hibiscus is widely grown in India, and it produces flowers year round. Though there are many varieties of hibiscus flowers, we prefer the red colored hibiscus flowers to make this homemade hibiscus hair oil.

This hibiscus oil prevents hair fall, controls dandruff and prevents split ends if used regularly.

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hibiscus hair oil

How to make hibiscus hair oil at home

The base oil for this hibiscus oil is coconut oil. Coconut oil, as we all know has been the traditional hair oil for South Indian women, and we are firmly recommended making this hibiscus hair oil with it. Try using pesticide free hibiscus flowers.

How to make hibiscus oil for hair growth at home

To make this homemade hibiscus hair oil, separate the petals of hibiscus flowers and place it in a wide bowl. You can either pour the oil over the hibiscus leaves and sundry it for a day or two or then strain it. The second method is to warm the coconut oil slightly and pour over the flowers and leave it till the oil completely cools down and then strain it. If you have plenty of sunlight, try the first method as we prefer heating the oil in the sun than heating on the fire. 

hibiscus hair oil

How to prepare hibiscus hair oil at home

  • Wash and separate the petals from the hibiscus flowers. Spread them on a cloth till all the moisture leaves and then take it in a bowl.
  • Warm the coconut oil. Make sure; you don't heat it too much.
  • Pour over the petals and wait for it to cool down, before straining the oil. The color of the oil will not change in this method.


If heating in the sun, keep it in the sun till the color of the flowers become transparent.

hibiscus hair oil

Don't heat the oil till it reaches smoking point.

Try using cold pressed coconut oil for maximum benefits.


Thank you for the recipe! I'll definitely try to prepare this oil myself. Hope it will help :)

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