How to wake and get up instantly in the morning?

Can't you get up early? You feel that you can`t change it? Read the wake-up tips and understand that is possible!


Do you desire to wake up early? That`s entirely possible, and many people may say that it happens if you actually wish. According to various studies, waking up early certainly benefits your health. Moreover, many famous people preferred to get up early and start working, as the best thoughts usually come in the morning. Nevertheless, get up in the morning does not mean that you should sacrifice a precious amount of hours for healthy sleeping. Remember that for a fully grown up man, the healthy amount of sleeping hours is from six to eight. If you have problems on how to wake up early, here some tips:

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Find the reason to wake up early.

Find the reason to wake up early. Why do you desire to get up early? This may be a statement that only losers sleep late, or that you need time to do a lot of things, or that the seasoning sales begins at ten am and it’s better to hurry up to not lose the best clothes. The key lies in your motivation.

Forget about the Snooze Alarm button. Set the alarm clock on the exact time you needed (6-7 am). If the alarm clock rings, you shouldn`t put your hand on the Snooze button, get up when the alarm rings!

Be aware of the consequences of your "well five more minutes!" Your five minutes may become ten, twenty or thirty minutes more. Nevertheless, you can fall asleep again if you do not get up from the bed.

Sleep tight and enough hours. If you did not sleep enough hours for your productive day, then it does not matter if set the alarm clock early. You will have an exhausted morning and a broken labor day. Moreover, constant bad sleeping may lead to mental and physical diseases, so, sleep tight and sleep enough hours.  

Make your bedroom a lovely place to relax. From the color of wallpaper on the walls and finishing with a pattern of your sheets - all this are also vital factors. Choose accurately the pillow on which you desire to sleep. One of the best ways to wake up is to locate your bed in the place in front of the window from where the sun rises. That method surely helps you to get up early.

Open the window. If you ventilate your room before going to sleep, you will have fresh air in the room which helps you to fall asleep quicker.

Open the window

Proper clothing for sleeping. It should be comfortable. Nights shorts and pajamas in which you feel uncomfortable does not contribute a sound and healthy sleeping.

Fall asleep with happy thoughts. You shouldn`t fall asleep with thoughts that tomorrow you have a work day, or you need to finish the project. Imagine the happy land where your dreams come true or think about holidays at least.

Create your bedtime habit. If you desire to wake up early, you would need to find an exclusive method for getting asleep. You may read the book before sleeping, or you may try to have a glass of milk, listening classic music.

Create your bedtime habit.

Avoid "night traps". Do not try to watch horror or entertaining movies before falling asleep. You would also need to illuminate the habit of reading posts on Facebook or chatting in any social network. The internet is full of different things that may not let you fall asleep healthy.

Dinner should be light. You should avoid eating too many meats or other long digestive products before falling asleep. It`s also advisable to shut down drinking alcohol or caffeine products before falling asleep. You would need to remember that the last bit of food should be swallowed at least in one hour before bedtime.  

Take a bath before going to bed. You can get the bath with lavender oil – it`s very relaxing. For children, it would be perfect to add some relaxing salts, minerals, and herbs into the water, so they could fall asleep faster. It`s also recommended to use the bathroom at the end of your hard working week.

Take a bath before going to bed

Try to go to bed always at the same time. Even holidays or weekends shouldn`t exception from this rule. Remember that our mind and body request the order from you.

Fully extinguish all lights.  Complete darkness is the best way to fall asleep. It`s a natural need that was developed by centuries of evolution for our species. In night time all predators were active, so our ancestors had to hide and sleep in protected caves in complete darkness.

Find the right alarm sound. The alarm sound should not be too melodic and sweet, as you wouldn`t wake up then. Nevertheless, hard metal morning is not advisable as it helps you to start the morning on the wrong foot. You would need to find something in the middle. Moreover, it depends on from your character, so sometimes the hard rock is preferred. Remember that the alarm clock should be placed far from the bed, so you can`t reach it without standing on your feet.

Find the right alarm sound.

Have you wakened up? How about stretching? Excellent and healthy stretching might be very beneficial for your waking up. The stretching in the morning should be light and comfortable so that you wouldn`t harm your leg and arm muscles. They should be sweet and healthy for your benefits.

Morning Exercises. If you start your day with morning exercise, then you will get the energy for a productive work day? You were told and taught to do the exercises in the morning in childhood.  Why do not you keep it up?

A glass of water. When you wake up, a glass of water may help you to speed up your blood stream after the night and delete toxins from the organism collected during night dreaming.

A glass of water.

Unobtrusive reminders. Have not you wakened up? If you still act like a lazy bone, then try to create a nice remaindering for you before you fall asleep. Try to not all necessary things you desire to accomplish today and hang it near the mirror. It can plan for the day, week or month. Every time you come to the mirror in the morning and brush your teeth, you will recall why you get up early.

Comfortable clothes for a morning lift. This can be a bathrobe, slippers or warm socks (imperative in winter, when getting out of bed is not particularly the best desire you have).

Find a friend in distress; that is the one who will not allow you to stay in the bed after the alarm. It`s better if this person is a very active and energetic. Kicking you in the buttocks every day is something that charges your vivacity. If you served in the army, try to ask your superior officers to force you to get up in the morning gently, as it was in old days.

Find a friend in distress

Be prepared for a bad surprise. When you have sweet sleeping time, you can be wakened up by late call or a bad dream. After that, it`s quite stressful to fall asleep again. Nevertheless, bad things happen, and you just need to acknowledge this, just be patient and free of them and fall asleep again.

Cheer up. Cheerful music of your favorite artist in the morning or the perfect soundtrack will help you to gather the thoughts for work. Do not forget about coffee, tea or your favorite fresh which will benefit your good morning and happy mood.

And open the window again. Only this time you will need to be awakened. Try to kick out your sleepy head and get the fresh air!

And open the window again

Congratulate yourself! It`s preferable to congratulate yourself aloud. The louder, the better! This can be something like "What a beautiful day I have ahead!", “Yeah, Man/girl, you are on fire!”. You may also share your happiness and cheerfulness with your friend in distress. Moreover, your good mood will help him/her to get up.

Jogging. It`s nice to have morning exercises, but how about jogging. According to various studies, if you keep repeating the action at least twenty-one days in line, then it will become your habit. Welcoming your body and neighbors is one of the best habits.

Get a dog. Who can be your better friend in distress, than a sweet and lovely puppy? This fellow will help you to get up early and play on the street in no time.

Get a dog

Pavlov`s method. Reward yourself every time you get early. When you make getting up early a habit. Remove the reward factor.

Sex factor. An energetic sex before sleeping may also become an excellent morning exercise.

Take a cold shower. Sweet for your health and will wake you up.

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