Lagos Building Collapse: were Synagogue builders arraigned?

What is to happen to those guilty in the building collapse in Lagos State? Find out now.

Back in 2014 a horrible tragedy took place on one of the construction sites in Lagos. The building collapse of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations happened on September 12. This tall six storey construction went down and took the lives of 116 persons.

 were Synagogue builders arraigned?

Who got arraigned for the building collapse in Lagos?

The church trustees along with two engineers who constructed the Synagogue were arraigned by the court. There were over 100 various charges against them and Lagos State High Court pleaded them guilty. For one, no one even bothered to get the permission for construction of the building. The trustees and engineers managed to break several sections of Urban and Regional Planning Law and a section of Criminal law as well. They were accused of manslaughter as well as of other charges.

Lagos Building Collapse

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The defendants tried to avoid the trouble by filing various applications from SCOAN and the engineers. However that strategy did not produce the desired results. Finally Justice Akapo has passed out the ruling and it was read in the court room. Therefore, one part of the defendants (persons and not corporations) is to stay in the prison and corporate defendants are to be under the pending trial.

Lagos Building Collapse 2016

The additional trials are to take place on May 19 and three more in June 2016. Such were the ruling on the case of building collapse in Lagos State. 


Such grandiose tragedy very terrible when so many people die is a very big loss for the country. During the construction of houses and different buildings, you need to follow very well, because due to such things, killed a large number of people. Blame the builders of course, but even more to blame those who are allowed to build so delivered. Builders are simply doing their job which they were ordered. And here is certainly not to save people, but it was possible to foresee all this, what Rented sooner or later collapse. This tragedy is not the first nor the posleny, but this article can become an example for the majority stroiteteley that so do not handed over.

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