Naked flying witches were caught in Zambia, did they really levitate?

Today we will tell you about shocking and incredible story about family of naked flying witches.

Recently has appeared a strange naked family, which declared that all ofmembers of family are witches.

It was shared on Facebook by Tumfweko.

He says:  ” We were shocked when we saw people screaming from the top shouting NOO! NOO! , this forced us to go outside and check after we reached outside we saw a family of four which include a father , mother and children Naked on the ground asking for forgiveness ”.

”When asked what happened the fallen wizard father said his family was sent by the higher powers to go and cause confusion in Congo and make sacrifices, we were tasked to kill over 20 people but as we reached SOLWEZI our flying powers finished all of the sudden and we fell to the ground.”

So, it is possible that they really went to our planet by the order of the higher powers and maybe they really have their mission. Who knows?

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