Public speaking tips - 5 best for Nigerians

Public speaking skills can be developed and our 10 best public speaking tips would help you to become a great orator.

Speaking in public is an art. Some of the top fruitful people on the globe are famous orators. You read this post hoping to change your pattern and get those people you talk to interested. You want to be able to get your ideas across and get the right kind of retort from them. Is that right? Then you need the best public speaking tips!

public speaking tips

Here you will learn the big secret behind the most effective and inspiring public speaking. The secret is the essential part of the success of such great minds as Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King. Now it is being made available to you. Take little time to discover it and get empowered to do much more with your life. Sky is the only limit.

Why is public speaking? – Wait a moment…

Shouldn’t it be “What is public speaking” instead? Yes, it should and it should offer you some good public speaking tips. However, asking the right question is crucial. It has the potential of making a new discovery and not just teaching you how to speak nicely in public, but getting YOUR ideas and thoughts carried through to people!

We could start by a definition of public speaking, but it won’t get your there. You wish to learn to be good at giving a speech or a presentation just for a solo reason – to get your ideas through, to get your audience raptured with your thoughts and to “infect” them with your beliefs.

There is only one way to do it: it’s to discover WHYyou go public and talk to those minds. Now, once you realize why, you can get all your HOWs and WHATs in places and master few useful communication tips and habits.

What makes public speaking effective?

public speaking tips 2

It’s what you really want to know. It’s what can transform your life and turn it around. It has the potential of making your dreams come true and even changing the realm around you.

The power of effective public speaking is amazing. Now it’s the reason WHY you really want to know HOW to do it to get WHAT you want. See, it’s all about these three simple words why – how – what and their order. This is the magic of it all and the big secret behind the successful public speaking.

Mostly everyone knows WHAT they do. We know what we do at work or at school. If you own a company, you know what it makes or provides. It’s easy.

Example: "Now, some people even know how they do it. They know the process and they know all the benefits offered by their ideas or products. You can put your finger on all the profits it can bring to those getting it. Let me illustrate the idea: you plan to give a public speech on education. You know what you do: you go to school and earn your degree. You know how you do it: you study hard and you cram and you pass exams and then you get the job you want and make some money." 

How does that sound to you? Boring? Surely it does.

Most of us get through that same routine in life. We grow up, we go to school, we get the diploma and the job and work, and make money. Just plain boring. No matter how many funny jokes you tell or how well you lay out your information people may not resonate with your ideas of education and its importance. Why? That’s the right question to ask.

Effective public speaking never starts with the What and the How. It always starts with WHY. Why do you believe education is important? Why do you even want to talk about it? Why you pursue that purpose? Do you even have one? Some educators go out there trying to attract more young people to their school or university. They lay out all the reasons and benefits and attract some, but they do not make such a big difference. While others go out there and set people on fire. They inspire folks with their ideas and offers. READ ALSO: What is communication? – 4 main types for Nigerians. 

The core difference between the two is not how they speak, but why they speak. If you truly believe in your heart of hearts that education can be life transforming, you would let that fire out of you and make it contagious. You do not present people with just plain facts, but you infect them with your emotion and beliefs. Then you tell them how and what to do and they just go ahead and do it.

Example: "Yes, I believe the education is not just about getting a diploma or some skills to earn you money. Education is about shaping your soul and intellect into perfection. It makes you grow. Education expands your personality. Your ideas become bigger even to an extent of becoming capable of making new inventions. They touch the lives of other people, they break down the curse of poverty and combat deadly diseases. Education enables your personality to shine through and accomplish the destiny invested into you by God Almighty."

How does that sound?

Now once you have shared your WHY, you can move on to your How and What. Here is an awesome video for you from the TED talk on the subject:

Let’s get to HOW question and discover proper structure to enhance your public speaking skills:

  1. Make them safe by telling them how what you do helps them
    public speaking tips 3
    Security is one of the top and utmost human needs. We all want to feel safe. Unless we do that we become unable to open up and share ideas. Start by putting people at ease and explain how WHAT you do can help THEM in their lives.

    Remember, it’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM. They have come to listen to you because of themselves. It’s not selfish. It’s how all of us operate. Everyone in this world regardless of where they live or come from look for three things: happiness, freedom and success.

    We need this particular combination to make life fulfilling. In many cases speakers are given advice to start by telling their story and representing themselves. You can do it in two different fashions. You either just share some facts on you: 10 years in sales, 2 degrees, and so on and so forth.

    Or, you can tell people how what you do helps them. Instead of “I am ten years in sales” say: “I enable sales people sell more”. People want to know what’s in it there for them. Why they should pay attention and listen to you. Instead of saying “I am a teacher”, tell them: I change people’s lives for better, I help them get their dreams come true.
  2. Make them comfortable by telling why they need it

    It’s where you connect with their beliefs. You make them understand that your piece of information or idea can make them happier, can liberate them or find their way to success. Here you can share your HOW and WHAT. Your idea or product benefits.
  3. Make them laugh by showing your vulnerability

    public speaking tips 4People do not laugh just because you tell them a funny story. They laugh, because they feel good. How do you put them off guard? By showing your vulnerability, you open up and put down your defense system.

    Do it by leaving the pulpit. It creates a barrier. So, step out of it and get some open space in between you. Avoid the “T-Rex” pose. It’s when you stand 

    Here is a great example. Steve Jobs was giving his speech at the Stanford University talking to the graduates. He starts his speech by telling them: I am a collage drop out! What a surprise. He has made himself pretty vulnerable.
  4. Surprise them

    Take them by surprise. Find some facts that might be rarely known to your audience. They should relate to your topic. Find a moment when they would not be expecting something like that and go for it.
  5. Do it in your own style

    Do not copy your mentor or other great speakers. Every person has their unique style. It allows you to do what others cannot do. Some folks are great at narrating stories, others do jokes or fascinate and grab people’s attention. Experiment and find who and what you are and then use it.

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If you just follow the WHY ☛ HOW ☛ WHAT public speaking tips, you can get people’s attention and keep it throughout the entire time on the stage. Moreover, you can become their favorite speaker because you give them what they need, instead of trying to convince them of your ideas. These practical puhints will enable you to make the most of your performances. They have the potential of changing your life and the lives of those listening to you for better.







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Answered 11 months ago.

Some people affraid to speak on public so much, that they may even fail unconsious. They may totally forget everuthing they want to say and even the reason ant the topic of their speech. Its very hard for such people to say something on public. I was among them, I just was afraided so much to forgot the words, that I totally forgot everything. But the most helpful thing in such problem is to speak on public as much as possible, and in some time this problem would be solved. It helped me a lot with this fear.

Answered 2 years ago.

Complexity faced by novice speakers - is lack of vocabulary. Correct it will help exercise. You need take any object, that will see - hairdryer, bowl, frying pan, it not important. Next for 5 minutes you talk about it, describe all features of subject, explain what it is wonderful and necessary. At first it will be difficult, but you will easily cope with this task. If you see, that 5 minutes is becomes scarce, then increase time, tell 10, 20, 30 minutes. It is perfectly raise your speaking skills.

Answered 2 years ago.
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