Traditional building materials in Nigeria  

Construction is a serious business. Get ready for it and learn the list of the best building materials for Nigeria, including the traditional ones.

Types of building materials                                                     

When somebody decides to build anything, they always think of the materials the construction should be made of. There are plenty of traditional building materials, but their choice depends on many different factors.
Types of building materials in Nigeria

How to select

From the large number of traditional building materials every person wants to choose the right one. This choice might be done by the following factors:

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  1. Price. People very often pay attention to the cost of various goods and this very category isn’t an exception. However, it’s important to select the material of high quality in order to avoid any troubles.
  2. Type of construction. Even if you are going to build a house, it’s possible to choose wood, stone, bricks, etc. However, if you need a particular type of construction, like, for example, a barn, you may use wood.
  3. Climate. It’s essential to pay attention to the weather and conditions in which your construction will be built. For instance, if it’s too rainy in your region, it’s better to use stone, as it won’t be destroyed or soaked.
  4. Appearance. Lots of people care of the beauty of their houses. And it affects the choice as well.
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Thus, decide what you are looking for and what your purpose is. It will help you to select the appropriate materials.

Nowadays there exists great variety of such materials. And people try to apply new ones every day.

The most common types of building materials include the following:
Types of building materials

  1. Rock or stone. It is not only very popular, but one of the oldest types. It has been used for centuries. Its main advantage is great protection. Nevertheless, it possesses certain drawbacks, such as heavy weight, poor thermal covering, and so on. This material is still very popular in Nigeria. Probably, because of the climate.
  2. Clay. Another famous material for Nigerian constructions. One of its varieties is mud. It is widely applied in dry and hot climate. The biggest benefit is a very neat look of the final building. However, it is not quite strong, and this is its main disadvantage.
  3. Glass. It has become one of the most popular materials in the modern world. Many interior designers use it. You should know that it is very expensive. However, it possesses richness and high class along with the pleasant look. It is commonly applied for office buildings and enormous mansions constructions.
  4. Metal. It is considered one of the most effective materials. Flat iron and steel are more frequently used as they are quite strong. Houses made of metal are usually solid and expensive. The most important advantage is also its durability.

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  5. Wood. It is popular for both offices and houses building. However, it’s essential to choose a quality wood, otherwise it might be vulnerable to termites, chips, splinters, etc. It is often applied by Nigerians.
  6. Cement. It’s actually made from rock. Almost all the modern constructions have it as one of the building materials. Among the advantages, you’ll find durability and low price. It can be used with the wood, but you must make sure they are compatible.

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  7. Marbles/granites. Being applied mostly for the interiors, they have become very popular. Besides, the materials are quite expensive. However, they’re used to create very attractive designs.
  8. Earth. There are some places in the world where it is still applied. It might be appropriate for creating walls.

Thatch. It is an old type, which is also used today. It possesses plenty of benefits, among which there are low price, good insulation, and easy harvesting. It looks very impressive, by the way. This is the list of building materials, which are thought to be the most common ones. However, we should mention that there exist more of them, but they are less usable.

Nigerian issue

As all the other countries, Nigeria has its typical materials for constructions. Some of them we have already described above. But let’s enumerate all the rest:
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  • palm,
  • mud,
  • grass,
  • stone,
  • wood,
  • various vegetable materials.

People prefer to apply light materials and something that is within easy reach. It is also important to say that in the course of time the country had been developing. That is why new materials are also started to be used. There are lots of modern buildings made of metals, glass, and the other materials in Nigeria (especially in big cities).
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There is a large number of different building materials in the world. Some of them have been used since the ancient times. The others are just started to be applied. People try to employ more and more things for the purpose of houses and offices constructing. The choice of a particular type depends on your purpose, the building kind, climate and money you have. Make sure you select a quality one in order to have a solid and strong construction.


To the lowest cost to solve the problem of shortage of housing in Nigeria began to be used as a building material for the erection of houses of a plastic bottle.

These homes are bulletproof, fireproof, resistant to earthquakes, have zero carbon emissions and maintain a comfortable temperature inside. The homes are supplied with energy from solar panels and methane gas from recycled waste. For home building workers fill plastic bottles with sand, and then stack them in a tight row and fasten together with a solution of clay and cement. Produces a solid wall is stronger than cinder block. Besides the house is bulletproof, fireproof, resistant to earthquakes and maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Buildings can be built in three floors, but not higher due to the weight of sand filled bottles.

Answered 1 year ago.

Construction today is one of the most profitable businesses. Everyone wants to have a good house with good quality materials and available at a price. Now a large selection of building materials and without the help of specialists person who is not understood at this not be able to make the right choice. Good advice on how to choose the text materials. It is necessary to take into account the climate and the type of construction and to be the look of your home. In Nigeria there are good materials for construction. With enough money you can build a magnificent house.

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