What are best independent women quotes to get inspired?

What are the motivational women's quotes, which will help you to achieve everything? What are the most popular words of Koko Chanel? Read the article to learn the best phrases.

independent women quotes

Sometimes it happens that someone has spoiled your mood or day wasn't successful, or you can't decide on something. Especially for such cases we have chosen for you the list of independent women quotes, which will help cope with attack of uncertainty or grief. We believe that the world is big and you can receive everything you only wish. The main thing is not to give up and work, reject superfluous and not to be exhausted because of last mistakes and failures. Hope this list of independent lady quotes will help you in your everyday motivation.

Independent female quotes by Chanel

The icon of style is famous with her independent female quotes. Read some of them.

  • Beauty is necessary to us that we were loved by men, and nonsense — that we loved men.
  • In twenty years the woman has a face that the nature has given her, in thirty — which she has made to herself, in forty — which she deserves.

independent lady quotes

  • Be careful with originality — in female fashion, originality can lead to a masquerade.
  • Only young women are able to afford to invent own fashion. The mature and aging women have to be in the dominating fashion.
  • To be irreplaceable, it is necessary to change all the time.
  • Men like women who are dressed well, but not too evident.
  • Personal care has to begin with heart, otherwise no cosmetics will help.
  • In spite of everything, there is only one man in woman's heart, and all others are just his shadows.

Independent female quotes

  • The main thing for the woman — is to work constantly. Only work gives courage, and the spirit, which in turn, cares for a body fate.
  • It is difficult to bring the woman dressed in light into the bad mood.
  • Lace is the finest imitation of the imagination of nature. And the pearls are always right.
  • Women want to change. They aren't right. Happiness is in constancy and in truth to you.
  • Hands are the business card of the girl, a neck is her passport, a breast — the international passport.
  • There is time to work and there is time to love. There is no other time left.
  •  Women, as a rule, choose a nightgown for themselves much more carefully, than the husband.

independent female quotes

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  • I estimate people on their manner to spend money. Never marry men with a purse for a trifle.
  • Women are able to afford to look ridiculous. Certainly I speak about the few women. The ridiculous man is a wreckage if he isn't a genius.
  • If you want to have what you have never had, you should do what was never done.
  • If the woman fool you around, it isn't necessary to look for the reasonable factors here: in total, the reason is in feelings.
  • They say that women put on for the sake of women and that they are inspired by spirit of rivalry. It is true. But if there is no more man in the world, women in general would cease to put on clothes at all.
  • When it is necessary to choose between man and dresses, choose dresses.

Independent woman love quotes

  • Men shouldn't be handsome, and ugly men don't exist. There are only few flowers and warm champagne.
  • The paradox is than the man is sillier and duller, than most of his claims to the woman.
  • To constrain yourself when it is offensive and not to make rows when it is hard — it is the ideal woman.
  • The coquetry is a victory of mind over feelings.
  • If the dress, which hangs in your case, is impossible to go to theater, then why it is still there? It is similarly about men — if you don't feel beautiful and desired girl surrounded with love and care with your man, then why you are still with him?
  • The fashion became a joke. Designers have forgotten that there are women in dress. Most of women dress up for men and want men admired them. But they also have to be able to move, get into the car, without having torn a dress! The clothes have to be of a natural form.
  • I don't understand how the woman can leave the house without having made toilet — at least because of politeness. And then you never know — maybe this day you will meet your destiny. The best way is to be ideal so as far it is possible for destiny meeting.

Independent woman love quotes 1

Independent woman love quotes

  • The woman is sacred, but the woman whom you love is sacred doubly.
  • The man can give to his close friend everything, but only not the woman he loves.
  • I agree to live in the world, which is ruled by men until I can be the woman in this world.
  • The female guess has bigger accuracy than man's confidence.
  • Women speak about love and are silent about lovers, and men, on the contrary speak about mistresses, but are silent about love.
  • The woman can't blossom from scratch. There has to be a gardener.

Independent woman love quotes 2

  • The women are cleverer than men because, knowing less, they understand more.
  • When the woman who has much to say, keep silence, it is deafening!
  • Be careful! Don't allow the woman to begin to cry because Allah counts her tears!
  • Men who don't forgive to women their small shortcomings will never enjoy their great advantages.
  • Women have amazing intuition. They notice everything, except obvious things.
  • Long live man! At big desire he can achieve everything under the sun light. Long live woman! At desire she can achieve any man.

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