What are the most popular haters' quotes?

What most popular and well told aphorisms about hatred are known to you? What their sense consists in? Read the list of the most effective sayings about haters.

haters gonna hate

The known saying 'haters gonna hate' means that if earlier something wasn't pleasant to the person, then it won't be pleasant under no circumstances in the future. For example, if you don't like any singer, you will hardly sometime change your attitude, even if (s)he will sing as your favorite performer.

But what else haters quotes do you know? How do you understand them? Especially for you we made the list of the best haters sayings.

Haters quotation

  • Hatred strengthens the person not worse than other things.
  • There is nothing bad in hating those who are worthy hatred. We love those who deserve love, aren't we?
  • Everyone hates me. That means that I do everything correctly.
  • I love my haters. They make me popular.
  • I like permanent feeling of hatred. I feel that I live when someone despises me.
  • I hate seldom, however, when I hate, I hate perniciously.
  • I have learned that than more the man hates the woman, than more perfect she seems to him.

haters quotes

  • Look for love, and hatred will find you.
  • They will fall in love with you, if you will spend something that you have, and they will hate you absolutely for nothing.
  • One love easily turns out in two hatreds.
  • To hide love is as difficult as to declare hatred.
  • Hatred is universal. It can exist without anything else.
  • Once betrayed subsequently faithfully hates devoted.
  • When you are hated, they kill you, when you are despised – they kill someone whom you love.
  • Who is hated by the woman most of all? Iron spoke to magnet: Most of all I hate you because you attract me, without having enough power to pull along.

haters sayings

  • There is no person in whom there would be no something hated, in which the fierce animal wouldn't be hidden, but only few people honestly say how they cope with this fierce animal.
  • Not that prevents us to be darlings, and what prevents us to love completely, we hate most of all.
  • Life is arranged so devilishly skillfully that without being able to hate, it is impossible to love sincerely.
  • Where weak person hates, strong one destroys.
  • People always hate those to whom they do harm.
  • If I hate, I take away something from myself. If I love, I enrich myself with what I love.
  • Misanthropy is a slow suicide, and self-love is the greatest poverty of the living thing.

Haters quotation

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  • Most of all people hate the one who is capable to fly.
  • Choose object and work to exhaustion. It has to be what you really love or that you really hate.
  • When you want to hate someone, you find any occasion, even the most insignificant. But the case is not in occasion, but in what you want to hate.
  • Hypocritical love is worse than hatred.
  • It is not important, what actually the person is, but if we have at least one good memory about him or her, it is difficult to hate.
  • In love and hatred, the age doesn't matter.
  • Enthusiasm and love are children of hope, and contempt and hatred are children of disappointment.
  • You will continue to forgive the one whom you love until you won't begin to hate him.

Haters definition

  • Indestructible order is a part of chaos, exactly as my hatred is a part of unconditional love to you.
  • We don't cease to love people only because we hate them, but also we don't cease to hate them at the same time.
  • I hate everyone to whom I feel guilty! Also I am guilty to everyone whom I hate, though it is absolutely different groups of persons.
  • The hatred, which is available on Earth, is enough to blow it up.
  • When the husband hates his wife, it is quite natural that he considers her as reason of all troubles.
  • To hate something, it is necessary to know it.
  • If my slanderers knew me better, they would begin to hate me even more.

Haters definition 1

  • Most fixedly, you are watched by those who hate you. With such curiosity, you will be flattered by neither your friend, nor your adorer, nor your sexual partner.
  • Hatred is a gift, which you find over the years.
  • Only hatred forces us to do as much nonsense as love.
  • Hatred is the feeling arising usually from desire to be accepted and understood by other person.
  • Love and to hate furiously means to lead full life.
  • Sometimes it happens so: to the one who loves you, we are absolutely indifferent, and to the one who hates you, we flare passion.
  • Sometimes hatred is a good weapon, but in the face of strong enemy, it will disturb.

Haters definition 2

  • Indifference is more terrible than hatred.
  • Most of all we are hated by those whom we don't notice.
  • There are two things, which turn the boy into the man. The first is love of woman. The second is hatred of other man.
  • If someone passionately loves you, it means that surely there will be the one who will spitefully hate you.
  • To forge hatred is far more difficultly than love. You, for certain, heard about false love, but hardly about false hatred.
  • I hate you because differently I would love you. And love is a weakness. I don't want to be weak.
  • Haters definition, as well as lovers, is easy if to look in eyes.
  • People don't love those who are allocated. Especially when they are allocated with the abilities peculiar to vicious enemies. People hate the best for the best.

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