What are women's pubic hair styles?

If you are not self-conscious and you are going to go on a nudist beach or just planning to give your boyfriend a surprise in bed, it is exactly the right time to make an intimate haircut!

Pubic hair styles

Pubic hairstyles are a very original and attractive way to decorate your body that can enhance sexual attraction.

Since ancient times, female nudity has always been held in high esteem, and it was not considered shameful to show it.

In the East, for example, it was always believed that a beautiful body must have a smooth skin with no signs of hair. And this was done not only because of deficiencies of sanitation at the time, but for more sensitive procedures.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, the situation was the opposite. It was forbidden to show the private parts of the body and therefore no pubic haircuts were needed in these haircuts. However, all sexual prohibitions were lifted in Rome right before its decline.

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The rules of pubic haircuts

  • Doctors recommend to get the pubic haircuts only in the certified beauty salons, because there is the risk of catching an infection all sorts of sweatshops.
  • The master should wear rubber gloves and use disposable instruments while giving you a haircut.

Girl in panties

What are the most popular pubic hairstyles?

The Brazilian Hairstyle. Otherwise called The Hollywood or The Sphinx, this hairstyle is the most popular ever. If you are getting a wax for the first time, it might be painful because it includes removing all the hair around the pubis and anal zone. Seven sisters from Brazil invented this pubic hairstyle. In some nations, for example, Iran, being uncovered down there is the main alternative as it is thought to be cleaner for sexual prosperity, and for the most part more sensual.

Brazilian/landing strip

The Landing Strip. An absolute necessity for those of us who want to keep some womanhood and in the meantime demonstrate your accomplice to impress your partner. It is also known as French Waxing or a Partial Brazilian Wax. The master removes the hair around the anal area and sometimes the labia. Generally, the hair is trimmed a few fingers wide above the vulva.

Keeping the natural pubic hairstyle. When you do literally nothing with your shrubbery and simply remain very natural this is a kind of your own style. Some people are attracted to the scents that pubic hair has and get fascinated by the sexual sensation during sex.

Natural pubic

The Bermuda Triangle. Otherwise called The American. Includes only removing pubic hair outside the bikini line and it is a great choice for many of you. Don't forget to trim the hair and keep it in a good shape. This alternative is really one of the most straightforward to do yourself, particularly if you are shaving instead of waxing. Just simply shave the shape of the pubic area and trim down the length of the hair to achieve the clean look. Great if you are in rush!

Bermuda triangle

Hearts, arrows, little plums, tears. Such hairstyles are for the creative minds. You need to cut the desired pattern and then cut out pubic hair following this pattern. You can adorn the style with colored stickers and rhinestones, which gives even greater kudos to your women's thing.

Kitten hairstyle

Are there any contraindications?

Varicose veins, skin diseases, the presence on the skin moles, sores. You shouldn't get the procedure if you suffer from thrombosis, heart disease, diabetes, and herpes. Well, once you make intimate haircut on the day refrain from sunbathing, solarium, pool and sauna.

Pubic hairstyles are a great opportunity to change the sex life for the better. Many women experimenting with pubic hairstyles regained confidence not only in bed but in life in general. Sexologists even welcome pubic hairstyles, believing that it can diversify the sexual life.


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