What is Lagos-Ibadan Expressway road accident death toll in Ogun state?

Has Lagos-Ibadan road again become the site of death for NIgerians? Get the news now.

In the past Lagos-Ibadan expressway was been a site of terrible road accidents. February 2016 17 people got kill in one of the crashes there. And again in March 2016 the road collects the new death toll. What is it now?

Lagos-Ibadan Expressway road

Road accident on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway news

On Wednesday two trucks collapsed on the main road. One of them was parked at the road side, as it got broken. The other truck was moving fast and the driver did not manage to handle it. The road accident  involved other cars as well. The death toll amounts to 10 people.

Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Their bodies were scattered all over the road with some parts cut off. It was a bloody mess. Police arrived promptly to gain control over the situation. One of the ladies who survived the crash was literally pulled from under the ruined truck.

The truck driver was on his way from Ibadan to Lagos. There was also a bus (Mazda) on the road, which tried to wrongfully overtake the truck. This is the very cause of Ogun state terrible crash. Such sad Ogun state news we get these days.  

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