What is supermoon and why is it red?

On November 14, 2016, the full Moon converges with the Earth at the minimum possible distance – 356 509 kilometers. Astronomers call it a "perigee of the full moon". The last time this happened in 1948. The next time it will happen in 2034. And it's happening TODAY!

Supermoon in Rio

The Situation, as you can see, is quite rare, so supermoon is a must see. However, esoterics note that it's harmful to look at the full moon for too long because it can cause "black karma". You need some moderation and caution.

The supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when a full moon or new moon matches with a perigee; it's a point of closest approach of the moon and the Earth. This is due to the elliptical orbit at which the Moon revolves around our planet. Thanks to this phenomenon,  you can see the larger size of the lunar disk from the ground.

  • Do not confuse this phenomenon with the so-called moon illusion, where the Moon is in position low on the horizon looks larger than when a higher location.
  • The opposite of the supermoon phenomenon is called Micromoon, although, unlike the first, this term is not used very widely.
  • The supermoon at 16:54 November 2016.

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How did the term “supermoon” appear?

The term "supermoon" was proposed in 1979 in the magazine of Dell Horoscope. The author of the article on this topic was Richard Noll. He created this catchy word with the altruistic, almost missionary reasons – to attract the attention of an increasing number of people to this phenomenon, which is thought to be potentially very dangerous. On the ground, the tidal forces are especially significantly increased and they can cause natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes. The word thrown by Richard Noll into the masses is caught by people, although scientists refuse to consider it a scientific term.

Dark supermoon

Why is supermoon red?

During a lunarу eclipse, you can see as the Earth's shadow creeps across the moon's surface. The shadow is dark, and the Moon looks like a half-eaten cookie until the shadow completely covers it. Then, during the full cover, the shadow on the moon often changes dramatically. Instead of dark, it looks red. Why is this happening?

The reason has to do with the air we breathe. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth lies directly between the Sun and the Moon, so the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon. If there was no atmosphere on Earth, the Moon would be completely within the Earth shadow and seem black, or could even be invisible.

Thanks to the Earth's atmosphere, people have the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful and impressive sight. The thickness of the atmospheric layer of the Earth is approximately 80 km above the surface of our planet. During a total lunar Eclipse, when the Moon is immersed in Earth's shadow, the sun's rays pass through an atmospheric ring of the Earth.

Red supermoon

Sunlight consists of a range of frequencies. When sunlight passes through our atmosphere through the prism of some spectra from green to purple, it essentially comes to us filtered. In the same works the effect of the blue sky in the cloudless sky.

Moreover, when the red light first enters the Earth's atmosphere, it is refracted from the Earth's surface. It happens again when it comes out on the other side of the Earth. This double bending sends the reddish light onto the moon during a total lunar Eclipse.

Depending on the conditions of our atmosphere during an Eclipse (dust, humidity, temperature and so on), the Moon will turn different colors, from copper to dark red or “bloody”.

What is the practical use of supermoon?

Astrologists give some recommendations for those who want to get some practical benefit from the supermoon. The recommendations are simple:

– If you wish to change your job, in the night from 13 to 14 November write a desired job and position on a sheet of white paper. Put this note under the pillow. Early in the morning, remove the sheet and burn it, and pour the ashes into the glass of running water. Then drink it. The smaller the sips, the greater the likelihood that everything will work out.

– If you dream of gaining money, take the largest bill that you have in your home, and put it in your wallet on the night of November 14, 2016. In the morning, hide it in a dark place. Let it lie there for three days, then take it and change for many smaller bills. After that, you will bever run out of money!

Big city and the moon

Interesting fact

We see a full moon in a slightly larger size than our descendants will be able to see it. Our ancestors could see it in even greater size. The fact that the moon's orbit is gradually moving farther from the Earth every year, it is moving away for 3.8 centimeters. Scientists suspect that immediately after its formation, our satellite was at a distance of only 22 530 kilometers from the Earth. Today, this distance is already 384402 kilometers.

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