What is the richest house in the world?

Have you ever wondered what the finest and the richest houses could look like? Read the article to know about one of them.

the richest house

We always knew that all the biggest and richest buildings in the world were built by the Arabs. This rule has an exception. The largest and the richest private house is in Bombay. Yes, in the Bombay slums, with its prostitutes and mountains of garbage on the streets.

Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India, has built the house for his family. The family, by the way, is the standard - a wife and three children. For them, Mukesh Ambani has built a skyscraper!

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thre richest house

The richest house in the world

The building is called "Antilia." It is 173 meters height and the area of the house are 37000 feet! In the tower block, there are 27 floors but could be 60. The owner simply likes the high ceilings.

In this richest private house live six people, Mukesh, his mother, his wife, and his three children. But 600 people look after the richest house in the world.

Process of building

Mansion Antilia was built for seven years. It was designed by architects Perkins&Will (USA). Each floor has its design and layout and is made of different materials. The first six floors are occupied by Parking for 168 cars. Living rooms start only from the 9th floor. On the seventh floor, there is a personal car of Mukesh. On the other floors, one can find several swimming pools, a Spa, a small theater, which are two silver ladders, ballet, fitness club, cinema. Almost each of these floors is decorated specially for each family member separately.

the richest house

Unusual rooms

There is an "ice room," to help you to escape the heat. They say that inside it is almost a real freezer with the snow. On one of the floors is dispatching, and the so-called "panic room", completely Autonomous shelter, equipped with all security systems. On the roof, there are three grounds for the helicopter. Also, the house has multiple balconies, terraces with views of the Arabian sea and some magnificent hanging gardens. The total number of workers is 600 people. An exclusive floor for them is organized.

After the construction of the richest house, Mukesh with his family for a year did not enter the house, adhering to the traditions, so as not to frighten luck.

the richest house

According to media reports, due to the increase in land value in Bombay at present, the cost, of the building could reach 1-2 billion dollars, making it the richest house in the world.

The building itself is behind a massive fence. Along the perimeter the guard with guns is standing day and night.

The houses in Bombay are kept by the law. Because of this reason we do not have an opportunity to look inside the house.

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