What is turmoil?

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The crisis is often perceived as something negative, but not all think that the crisis is a turning and a decisive point and then life will change for the better. In Greek "crisis" has several meanings: a decision, a choice, a turning point or test. In other words, the crisis is an opportunity to change lives for the better, pass the turning point, to make and change lives. If you perceive the crisis as a purely negative phenomenon, then the person may be unable to see that the crisis gives a chance to change and make a difference. There are many definitions of crisis, the closest to me, the definition of crisis as a moment in life after which a person can no longer live as before. The crisis is called a transition age, loss, layoff, illness, divorce or job dissatisfaction (salary or life in General). Here there was something and from that moment on to live as before is not possible.

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