What should we know about know about NYSC Batch B registration?

Dream to get to the NYSC camps? What tips are the best? How to pass NYSC Batch B registration? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about fast NYSC Batch B registration here!

NYSC Batch B

NYSC, which is The National Youth Service Corps, has already begun registration for their NYSC Batch B 2016 new corps members. NYSC batch b 2016 timetable is saying that it’s about to start their orientation on the 24th of November, 2016.

NYSC Batch B registration

NYSC Batch B 2016

The NYSC Batch B registration, which kicked on the 17th of October, is already facing problems as plenty of students said that their universities have not uploaded all their names yet.

However, if you are interested in NYSC, here you are some things you should certainly bear in your mind as you are trying to get the registration:

1. Not all colleges have uploaded

NYSC Batch B registration

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The message, which is constantly appear for Batch B members trying to pass registration: ’You cannot be registered as your college or school has not fulfilled the needed document submission’.

2. Passport size

NYSC website

The needed information on the NYSC website is extremely specific about what type and size of passport you should use. There is information that the prospective Batch B members must note that passport photo size, which is uploaded during your on-line registration, must be just 2×2 with off-white background color. With no exceptions.

3. Do not panic

NYSC senate verified lists,

Some people found their names on the NYSC senate verified lists, which was posted on their website. But subsequently those names were removed. It created huge panic among the new corps members.

But the message from NYSC calmed them down, saying that all people, who have seen their names on the Portal, should not panic. Their schools are continuing to upload. Once the upload is finished, people will be able to check their names on the same NYSC portal.

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