What things we should appreciate the most in life?

Life is magic and the biggest gift. We don't know why we are born and why we die. We even don't know the exact purpose of our existence. What for are we here? But we surely know we should appreciate what we have at this very moment, right now. This list will make you love your life, and make you think you are the happiest person in the world.

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1. Life

The most valuable thing is life itself. Each living being has the instinct to protect and save their life as the most important aspect. So if you got upset or depressed today, think about this day. Many people have no possibility to see the world just because they are not alive anymore. So you have more than they have, you have your life! You should be thankful for every moment of your life, every breath, every morning and evening, sunrise and sunset. The greatest thing is that you are still here now and can enjoy this imperfect world.

2. Health

If you can breathe and move, you should be euphoric. Astrophysicist Professor Stephen Hawking can move with one finger only, but it didn’t stop him to write a book and to be one of the most famous and respected scientists in the world. He still lives his life, achieves goals and doesn’t complain he can’t do simple things all other people do. If you have good health, you have all the arms and legs, be thankful you have this all.

3. Emotions

This is what really makes us feel alive. Be thankful you can feel something. And it doesn’t matter what for a feeling it is: anger, love, sadness, happiness, and frustration. No one knows if you still would be able to feel these senses when you will go. So appreciate this spectrum of emotions because it proves you are still here.


4. Sensations

If you can see and hear the beauty of the world, you are a very happy person, because there are a lot of individuals who can’t do it. Just look at the world like you are new here and see it at the first time. An amazing nature such as sky, rainbows, oceans and mountains, other beautiful human beings and their creatures, all of these is worth to feel lucky you can join it. You can hear sounds of nature, birds. You can feel the coldness of a snowflake on your hand or a pouring rain that made you all wet, a heat of a summer sun or a bonfire in the night. Isn’t it happiness still being able to experience this all?

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5. Parents

Even if you are very different, and you are fighting all the time, think you have to be thankful they are still alive, and you can speak with them. Forgive their mistakes and annoying behavior, and enjoy they are still with you.

6. Friends

There are a lot of types of people in the world, and it is quite difficult to find someone who will really understand you and share your interests. Some of your friends stay with you for a short period of your life just to give you a life lesson, and some of them stay with you for all your life. Don’t feel sad you have fewer close mates. 10000 friends on Facebook aren’t real friends, but followers. So if you have at least one real friend, you are already a lucky person.

7. Love

They say life is love, and love is life. You will never fill fulfilled if you haven’t experienced this amazing feeling. When you are in love, the world seems brighter, people look more friendly and problems less scary. Yes, love is all we need or almost all. We often have troubles with living in this very moment. Psychologists say when we are in love, we feel alive and appreciate every minute.

8. Money

If you have enough money to not to die from hunger, you are happier than many people on Earth.

9. Water, electricity and all the technical progress

If you can have a possibility to take a shower, you live in a warm house; you have clothing to wear, and you can use all these modern gadgets to make your life easier you are a super lucky guy. Appreciate it.

10. Work

It is excellent that you are able to work, to choose what you like or dislike. If you don’t like your job – change it. There were times when people had to do only what they were told to do.

11. Find yourself

It is a great happiness you can think and analyze, choose and like. You can become whomever you want and doesn’t matter how old you are. Many people find themselves and their mission when they are retired already. For example, the guy, who created Hindi, started to it in his middle 80’s. So don’t stop to search for your way and be grateful you can do it.

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How to feel alive?

  • Practice boxing

They say such activities like boxing make you live in this very reality. When you have a danger to get a hit in your nose, you have no time and possibility to build unreal plans about your future or to regret about your past. All you can do is to sidestep and to protect your nose.

  • Do sports

The same situation is when you practice some sport. It is even hard to imagine the situation when you are snowboarding from a mountain with a crazy speed and feeling sorry for yourself or mad at someone else.

  • Create something new

Trying new things makes our brain start to work more active and gives us the precious feeling of a present moment. You can do whatever you want, write with a left hand, create new words, study languages or go back home with a new way – all these will make your brain create new neural connections, which makes your brain stay active a long time. And an active mind helps you feel alive.

  • Traveling

All the people adore traveling. When you see new places, you get an unforgettable experience and emotions and a feeling you live a full life. Try to travel as much as you can, at least see new places in your city.

  • Get a progress

This is the most valuable advice. Many people think reaching of goals can make them happy. However, it’s a common mistake. How many times you did something, and then you felt a bit disappointed it was all. Any reached purposes can’t make you happy for a long time. Being in the progress of making your dreams come true makes you feel drive, energy and the beauty of a moment. And it doesn’t matter what it is about: business, education or relationships. Each person has to be in a constant progress in every part of his life to feel happiness, because stagnation is a regress, and regress is opposite to life. 

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