Who are world's most inspiring bloggers?

Meet world's most inspiring bloggers and just unique people. Read this article and find out fun details about their life's stories. Four amazing super successful and best bloggers will open their tips and tricks to improve your life.


1. GaryVaynerchuk.com

Gary Vaynerchuk is a very charismatic person from New York. He is an owner of Wine Library TV and co-founder of Vayner Media, a big marketing media. With the help of this video blogging, he created a huge wine business ($60 000 000). Gary writes books, and he became two times best-selling author. The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and GQ wrote about him.

Life's advice from Gary:

  • No more excuses.

It is interesting what he thinks about other people. He says they are loaded with excuses and that everybody has free time to create something or to improve themselves. Gary says that people just have not enough patience, passions, and motivations to achieve their goals. So you have to find free time for yourself and your dream.

  • Stop complaining.

People like to say that they are smart, they work hard, and it is someone else who is guilty for their suffering, for example, the state. Gary advises everybody to take responsibility for their lives instead of watching TV all day long and complaining about their life.

  • Make every moment work for you.

The best advice of Gary Vaynerchuk is to make every minute work. If you have a dream, you have to fight for it. You have to do something every day to find the way to make your dream work. If you are tired, then take a break. However, then you have to count and apply every moment of your life to your game. Your talent isn't enough for success. You've got to put all your knowledge into the work. It is not enough to work only from eight am until six pm. People should put all the efforts into achieving their dreams.

  • Hustle.

There is no reason to do what you hate. You've got to find what you like instead. He says to look in the mirror and to ask yourself what do you want to do for the rest of your life. And whatever you want to do, do it, not just dream about it. Gary highly recommends hustling every day of your life as hard as you can.


2. TechCrunch.com

Another best blogger is Michael Arrington. He is a very famous blogger in the world. He used to work in California as a lawyer who collaborated with tech projects. With time he created a tech blog TechCrunch.com that tells about interesting startups and best entrepreneurs of the world. TechCrunch has a lot of readers all over the world and is one of the most well-known tech blogs. It is worth $30 000 000 now. Michael Arrington is also an angel investor and an owner of the CrunchFund - his investment fund for startups. Michael is a famous person in the Silicon Valley.

  • Get some advice from Michael to get investments to your company:
  • If you want your project to get money, you should stay honest with an investor.
  • Every owner should have a clear vision of the future of his company. So try to train a long term thinking.
  • Investors want to see a hard work of every founder. The owner has to be really dedicated to his project, which means a full-time work and ability to stay strong in every situation and to overcome any obstacles.


3. Fourhourworkweek.com

Tim Ferriss is a life hacker who got a worldwide fame with help of his blog. He wrote “4 Hour Work Week”, a book that became a real bestseller. Tim visited many countries with his lectures and has a lot of fans. His ideas of “lifestyle design” and “internet lifestyle” were getting very familiar. Tim says that each person can use the Internet to work from any place in the world and get successful.

Advice from Tim Ferriss:

  • People care too much about their zip code which shouldn't stop them to create something big. It doesn't matter where you live; it only matters what and how you think. The Earth is too small to think about it.

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4. tonyrobbins.com

Tony is a very famous business coach and a well-known blogger, who trains many influential and rich people, such as presidents, actors, musicians and businesspeople. Tony Robbins can also support you for $1000 000 a year. His advice is brilliant, and his book became bestsellers. Tony helps to 50 millions of homeless and poor people with food for holidays like Christmas. Even Oprah likes to visit his events.

The best tip from Tony:

  • You should change your emotional state, and you will get solutions for any problem in your life. Whatever strong and negative emotion you feel right now, you have to understand, that you can handle it and make it work not against you but for you.
  • The second trick is three magic words «Raise your standards». Tony believes, there is nothing stronger and powerful than progress. You have to grow always, and when you have progress in your career, your relationship, your health and your education, then you will live full and happy life.
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