Why are Abia girls considered dissolute?

The phenomenon of early sexual activity shows how sex is present in the lives of adolescents even before they are ready for the consequences it can have. Abia girls are not exclusion. Read more.

abia girls

Abia girls start sex at the age of 10 as the research shows.

A medical practitioner, Dr. Godwin Uwaoma, said on October 24, that Abia girls in Aba, engage in active sexual activities from the age of 10, raising higher chances of contracting HIV.

Uwaoma, the Chairman of the Thematic Working Group at the Nigerian Faith Based Advisory Council for AIDS (NFACA), told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Aba that a 2014 research revealed the development.

He said that the study was conducted to find out the awareness of preventive measures among youths in the secondary schools for the Department of Public Health at the Imo State University.

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abia girls 

Abia girls sex life

They discovered that some Abia girls start sexual activities at the age of 10 to 12. And that at the age of 12, Abia girls have “regular boyfriends” with whom they agree to have sex regularly.

This was not known before. Usually, HIV prevention was targeted at the age of 15. But it is known now that before 15 Abia girls have become sexually active.

Abia girls are dissolute

And there is a lot of difference between when you are forced into sex relations, and you remove yourself after that and when at the age of 12 you already have a regular partner.

abia girls

The fact was discovered, and it is not normal. At a lecture organized by the Aba chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) to mark their week, Uwaoma called for prevention rather than cure which was unavailable for HIV cases.

He urged the students to desist from watching pornographic films, playing original games with opposite sex and keeping sick friends to save them from sexual temptations.

Noting that most youths ruined their lives through dangerous actions like first sex, Ngwogu urged them to consult doctors or adults to manage the challenges of puberty. He charged the Abia girls to desist from sexual activities which could refocus their attention while in school to reach their goals of becoming successful people.

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