Why are introverts attractive for others?

Do you think that people do not understand you? Or do most of people call you a loner, strange and too cautious? At the same time you do not understand disapproval your colleagues when you refuse to go to the party for the third time. Introverts are very nice people with a deep inner world. Get acquainted with characteristics of introverts in our article.


You're not the first year celebrate own birthday alone and happy about it. You like thinking about «who are you?». You hate moving and changing habitual environment. You have few friends, but they are very close and trusted. You prefer to read a book, when everyone visited the funniest and loudest party. Congratulations! You are a typical introvert and it is very interesting.

Introverts vs extroverts

These are two very different types of temperament. It is important to understand the answer to the question «Who is you?». This will help you to make rational use of your life potential and adapt to live effectively.

Try to define yourself. If you cannot identify yourself to one of the types, then you treat to mixed type of temperament.


  • You can simply drop everything and start a new life on the other side of the world and generally prefer to risk and drinking champagne.
  • You express yourself and focused on results. You easily and pleasantly situated in the crowd and be active.
  • You have a lot of energy and you are ready to give it to the whole world.
  • You quickly restore power, when you do something outside the home. In your mind, relaxation it is organizes active leisure, invite more people and come up the loudest and active contests.
  • You need to constantly communicate with people. It is like a death, if no one is nearby.
  • You can not feel relaxed and are not able to give your body a rest.

Introvert at a party


  • You need to find a place to hide and get new energy.
  • You can deal with a few things, but in perfect peace and tranquility. As soon as the situation changes, you already cannot concentrate.
  • You hate when next to you a lot of people. You can't stand the crowds, it make you feel tired.
  • You are calm, balanced and sometimes surrounding people ask "are you ОК?"
  • You do not like the periods when you have to do a lot of work simultaneously.
  • You trying to do everything in advance and gradually.

Own world of introverts

In the usual sense of an introvert person is shy, timid, not adapted to the new situation of life and about whom, laughing, saying, «He goes into himself, not soon be back.». Introverts live with their inner huge world, are reluctant to establish new contacts, a little closed off from the outside world. They don’t very keen on what is happening around the world. They are the most fascinating world. Remember, that introverts must have their own space where they can be alone. You shouldn't disturb them as long as they don't want it.

Thoughts come to introvert

A lot of books

Introvert very interesting conversationalist. It is worth remembering that almost always reads and introverted he has something to tell. In addition, he is able to speak very nicely. It will tell so that you will want more. Everyone wants to listen them for ages. But there is one big problem. Introverts say little. Only in a circle of close friends, you can talk with him.

Introverts in love

Introverts very carefully let someone into your life and even more so in the soul. His soul was closed for seven locks. They fear that someone may destroy their «universe». But if it happens that introverts fall in love, they'll love with all their heart.

Introvert alone

Introverts my best friend

As mentioned, introverts don’t let come everyone in your life. They pick own friend very closely, looking at under the microscope, watching the candidate behaves in different situations. After close surveillance they choose. Being a friend with introvert is a sincere happiness. They are very loyal companions, really friendly, and they've never betrayed. They are always ready to listen and to support their friends. The only thing, it can quickly get bored them, so keep yourself in your hand. You should be calm and attentive. Probably, not only you have problem.

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Practicality is above all

Fortunately, introverts are very practical people. They do not like suddenness and surprises. You will not have to puzzle over to give introvert. It is best to ask them about it. Introverts will gladly answer this question, but previously ask time for careful consideration. If you decide to choose a gift without the help of an introvert, I advise you to think twice. Introverts like very practical gifts.

A good partner for life

Fear of crowds

Introverts are very domestic people. They love the comfort, warmth and regularly maintain the fire in the fireside. They are well suited to family life. If introverts love you, it means for life. They are ready to go through fire and water for the sake of a loved one. They will go to the other end of the world if it's necessary.

In summary, we can answer the question «what are introverts?» or rather «who are introverts?» more completely. So, introverts are a very unusual type of people. They are loyal, the best for their friends and created for strong families. Most introverts are very creative nature and strong-willed personalities. They build their own worlds within themselves, sometimes entire universes where it is very interesting to visit, if allowed. The main feature of introverts is that they are ready to live in two worlds that from time to time are intertwined, but are so far away from each other.

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