Why did a woman die after sex with a monkey?

Does sex monkey and human real? The causes of death can be very different. In our time technology is rapidly evolving, it makes people lives very dangerous and not peaceful existence. Death catches up everyone at different moments; someone dies during the war or accident, someone terribly sick, and someone does not value his life and believes that will live forever. But in this article, we shall discuss all this together or just about challenging conditions.

not okay

This story blew up the Internet. True or not? In fact, it is not very important. Morality is great importance that has this incident. Please do not read this story faint of heart people.

How is possible to have sex between monkey and human? Money indeed has dominion over a man, and sometimes that's the limit.The life of a young student and an interesting, beautiful girl whose name is known only as Cynthia stopped abruptly. According to the group, the lady, whose name was given only as Cynthia, died in the company of her friends after a date with a certain Alhaji. It's so nastily. According to the report, the Alhaji had tempted her into having sexual intercourse with his monkey.


Cynthia was picked up by a well-known Nigerian rich man, Okuche for some quality time and after they had fun, he took her to his guest house and gave her in 2000 to suck and sleep with his monkey. It later emerged, she refused at first, but once again looking at the money, she agreed to do it, after all, it was just a matter of 5 to 10 mins for that huge amount.After all this process Alhaji went to drop her and left. A short time later, Cynthia began to complain of severe pain in the abdomen. She thought that this is joint pain. No one paid attention to her complaint a couple of hours and very vain. Maggots began to come out of her genitals. Friends of Cynthia tried to rush her to the hospital, but it was too late. She died before they could do anything.

Currently, the said Alhaji has gone into hiding as the Nigerian authority combs the city for his hideout.


Online this incident has caused incredible excitement.Everything started talking that this is impossible. Where some of the girls are ready to go down for the sake of money? Girls are willing to sacrifice everything, even their lives if only to catch at least some thousand dollars.

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You can refuse to sleep with a guy but will rather give it to a monkey b’coz of money? that’s disgusting! -a comment on Facebook decried.

This is total stupidity, how greedy girls of today are its a lesson to all ma girls here,” -another comment roared.


Sometimes I wonder why our girls refuse to learn, they hear and see things happening every day, but for the love of money, they can do anything,” the comment continued. Her full identity was not given as it’s a thing of shame.

The great desire of ordinary money a big problem for all students, and especially for girls. Most of the students trying to earn a living and very often they do not want to work very hard.Therefore, they are so easy to agree on the quick money by having sex.

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