Why El-Bakraoui brothers named as suicide bombers in Brussels?

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The death toll of Brussels terror attack has reached 31. More than 200 people got serious wounds. The incident has happened at airport. One more bomb has blown up at metro station, which is near the main building of EU. 20 people died. 130 victims were wounded and hospitalized.

bombers in Brussels

The woman became the first known victim of act of terrorism. She met her family at the airport. Her husband and two daughters have survived.

bomb attack in brussels


The personalities of two alleged offenders were named. The camera has recorded two men dressed in black clothes. Black gloves, which most likely hid the detonators, were put on them. These are two brothers. Near them, there is other person in white. It is supposed that he escaped after his bomb hasn't worked. Now the man is wanted.

terrorists in brussels

The police think that this man is named Angelique Chrisafis. He has been already arrested in 2014. It hasn’t prevented him from returning. According to the latest data, he was in this area in the day of terroristic act. There is also information that the man participated in outburst in Paris. Perhaps, he made bombs for them.


It's very scary when the hands of terrorists killed so many people, because they are not guilty of anything, why all this, I'll never understand Averno. Why teroristy do that, because of this they do not harm their oppressors, and suffer many are not to blame people, children. Kam they are not afraid to take responsibility for so many people, because everything in life comes back, and God forbid this could happen, and they are even with your family. But at a time like this, money is no longer matter, even for hundreds of lives.

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