Woman raping man on a NY street, can you believe?

Shocking latest news! Why did naked woman begin raping man on a NY street? Did man manage to escape? Brief story and the shocking video are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

woman raping man

A woman shocked publicity stripping naked and trying to rape a man on the NY street. The lady, who fought the man and tried to make him have sex with her, showed her private parts of body, shocked and frightened the passers-by. A woman raping man on the street is something really extraordinary.

woman raping man on NY street

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Naked woman fighting with man

This shocking video shows that naked woman fighting with the man on NY street, trying to put off the guy’s trouser and to have sex with him in public. However the man refused to touch her and held his trousers all the time. The woman put off her trousers and sat on top of a guy and began to simulate having sex.

Woman simulating sex

They cuddled for some time before the guy managed to escape. This incident with naked woman on street immediately became wide-spread. ‘Woman strips naked’ is always the favorite news in web. 

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