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Can You Marry An Ijebu Lady?

Let me start from here. This thread is not intended for tribalism nor ethnic profiling. I have various experience at hand. So many good ladies from the Ijebuland - intelligent, morally upright and all that. But unfortunaley as early as their suitors (or suitor's family) know they are from Ijebu. (Ijebu is a tribe from Among the Yorubas, in the South-West of Nigeria). Hey, that is the end of the relationship. Its a known fact that all other Yoruba tribes from Ibadan, to Oyo, Osun to Kwara despise an Ijebu lady. Any of their sons that marry an Ijebu lady is an 'outkast'. It looks like an epic stuff, but ironically its still much around us. So many 'myth' sorround this issue, while some are true (but could be dealth with) others are largely misconceptions and presumtions. This thread is meant to liberate the Ijebu woman and to open up other issues associated with it. I am proudly OKO IJEBU (My wife is from Ijebu). Guyz, I wish u can join me 'cos am enjoying every bit of it. Please share ur experience!

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