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African Widows And Traditional Rites: What's Your Position?

It's a common thing in Africa to expose widows to all sorts of dehumanising conditions all in the name of compulsory traditional rites before and after the burial of their husbands. Sometimes women are made to shave their hairs; sometimes they are made to sleep in the same room with the dead. some are forced to drink water used in bathing the corpse, etc. Truly, of what significance are these rites?

When I lost my dad some years back, I insisted that my mum would not go through any dehumanising treatment even when they said she had to stay in a room for 3months with the same clothes on, I BLUNTLY REFUSED. One week after the burial, I told my family members that I was taking my mum back to Lagos. They thought I was joking! But at the end of the day, I took her and my siblings back to Lagos. It was really painful, because people who never cared how the family was survived now wanted to play Lord because the breadwinner was no more. My mum just couldn't thank me enough.

Let me have your views on this stone-age/barbaric tradition.

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