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Sisters - If A Guy Sends You This Kind Of Mail, What Would Your Reaction Be?

Im a cute guy, husband material

I am a petite, handsome, honest, God fearing, decent guy with a good heart,I am a student, i am a christian with a good upbringing, lots of love to my parents, they are the best in the world, i owe so much to them and would be giving you the major part of my life and love. My best physical features are my eyes. im a healthy attractive guy who believes in himself. I am a person trying to find his niche in the world and make sense of it all. I consider myself intelligent, educated, disciplined, determined, ambitious, fun, sweet, and classy. I have a good and just heart, but I can also be very cynical. Although I am friendly, I do tend to be a bit shy. At times I can act like a total recluse, but that's just because sometimes a person just needs to be alone. I have a wonderful family that includes an amazing mother and wonderful brothers and a sister whom I absolutely adore. i am so respectful, you get hooked up and find out personal things urself.

I want a beautiful lady, very caring, a goal getter, couragious, ready to face challenges of life, dont really mind the religious background, just be good and do what is right. i need a woman to worship me, fight for me,protect me, go to the end of the earth for me, pledge undying love for me, watch life time television with me, always listen to me, tell me how handsome i am, shower me with precious gifts and patiently shop with me no matter how long it takes, am i asking for too much, dont think so,Love to meet that real woman who knows how to care and love, Need her to make me laugh and have a good time, i dont like drama so if you are into that pls dont email me back.

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