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Ladies Advice This Guy: To Hold or Not to Hold?

Am in a 6 months old relationship with a girl who had a guy that has travelled to the US like 5 years ago he comes back once in a while he actually just travelled back Last sunday or so. She tells me that it has ended between them but i have my doubts, I love this girl  and would sacrifice anything for her....

The problem are these,

1)     This guy calls quite frequently from abroad and sends text messages, she obviously sends him text messages and returns his calls as well. When he was in Nigeria, he called everytime and sends text messages. She had to off her phone (The friend let spill that she wanted somebody to buy her a new phone, she later got one and told me that it was her brothers; I did not tell her what her friend said). I discovered that most of his calls is in response to her flashing, she did this once after a brief misunderstanding I had to bring it up she cried and assured me that she did it innocently..I believed her.. She told me that when the previous guy stopped communicating with her after he travelled and refused to answer her mails she took herself out off the relationship, he came back after two years and tried to "buy" her back by sending huge amount of money and gifts (she accepted them) but told him off. (He still bought her a gift now and she accepted!?)

2)    She had an affair  before me which she ended she gave me clear reasons , and there is another guy a friend who hangs around she visits him sometimes according to her the guy confindes in her but because this guy knows we are going out and that she stays at my place most of the time, I am not jealous or bothered. She still keeps that guy handy, exchanging texts with him. I read one text from her "foreign" guy hen he was still in the country, I was cooking breakfast and she was sleeping when the text came. The guy was professing love, I had to then read her outbox and saw forwards these "copy copy romance" text to the two guys. I discussed it extensively with her, trying to show her that she makes all these guyz think she is still in with them which makes them to hang on. It seems she saw my point but it did not end exactly.

3) now I have Left Town and travelled to Lagos and intends to stay here for about 8 months without going back, She just graduated and is entering for a second degree in medicine.... My point is that am in the LONG DISTANCE TRAP now and do not know how to react to it....

Sincerely, I do not know if i should let her go or if i should hold on..... I love her and has even done things I never did for all my previous girls combined for her ... I could hold on but I do not want to be hurt. I have been here in Lagos for a month now I have called her everyday and sent texts and we still communicate well. She has done nothing now to make me doubt her but i still worry.

She is a good girl, a queen, a gem her only downside is these above and the fact that she is a bit materialistic focusing on her comfort a lot. (I have no problem with the materialistic part)


(Am tempted to use real names her to know if i can link with anybody that knows this "foreign "guy ... I want to understand exactly what is happening) DONT MIND THE LENGHT

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