10 most corrupt politicians in the world

Corruption is present in many countries, but some politicians manage to take it to the new level. Learn the names of the 10 most corrupt leaders in the world.

Is Nigeria a corrupted nation? So are the other countries of the world! Plenty of world leaders are involved into it. And this fact has influence not only on the economy and social life. You will be surprised to know who 10 most corrupt politicians in the world are. However, we first need to observe the conception.

most corrupt politicians

Corruption is kind of dishonest conduct by a person with authority. The purpose usually lays in acquiring particular benefits. In our case, we are going to talk about political corruption. This is the application of power by officials to get private gain, which is illegal.

Causes of corruption

Now we can look at common causes of 10 most corrupt politicians in the world. Issue of corruption appears, because of the following reasons:

corruption in NIgeriaPersonal. Very often simple greed makes government bodies engage in corruption. Plenty of them want to get money and power. Any moral boundaries do not have importance in this case. It is a kind of anthropological factor. It might be defined as innate impulse to own goods. Another personal reason is absence of courage to denounce corrupt behavior. In such situation, a person is well aware of corruption, but keeps quiet. Those people usually cover illegitimate affairs because of cowardice or some other factors.

They think, it is not their problem and there is no necessity to make lives more complicated. Besides, the cause might be a decline in ethical sensitivity. Past negative experience or perverse conduct might lead to it. Sometimes a politician just does not have a sense of service. S/he does not understand that their duty is to work for good of people. Selfish desires and interests take the first place.

Cultural. Sometimes the environment itself condones corruption. People around may keep saying a person is pretty smart, for example, to avoid taxes. Or they may say, everyone does it. Thus, the moral basis may just vanish. One more factor is lack of transparency (mostly in the work of various public institutions). When no one is able to see what person does, it can provoke corruption acts.

Nigerian corruption artInstitutional. Inefficient regulations also lead to these illegal acts. The regions and countries, which are more liable to it, must create more effective mechanisms to fight corruption. Another reason is unreliable judicial process. It happens to be really hard to punish anyone for taking bribes, as the process is too slow and the crime might be even forgotten with the time. Moreover, lots of judges are corrupt as well.

Organizational. When someone is getting promotion, there are no moral criteria. However, the person in power must be responsible and honest. But people usually get power just for their loyalty to those, who're controlling a particular party. Skills and abilities are not taken into account. Of course, they are important, but we need to consider the other things as well. It happens that person has made a mistake by promoting a corrupt man. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, this fact is simply ignored. It frequently happens that corrupt charges are downplayed. Punishment is too slight or there is no punishment at all. It leads to the further illegal acts.

It's vital to know the possible causes, especially in the most corrupt countries in the world. They will help to create a pack of measure to fight corruption in a very effective way.

The most corrupt people in politics

  1. Spiro Agnew
    Spiro Agnew

    He was vice president during rule of R. Nixon. He actually made a plea that he had constantly cheated government. He got 3 years of probation and 10,000$ of fine.
  2. Randy Duke Cunningham
    Randy Duke Cunningham

    He used to serve as Republican (1991 – 2005). He acknowledged he had taken more than $2.4 million for buying mansions, cars, and yachts.
  3. Bud Dwyer
    Budd Dwyer

    A Republican member and former US Senate member. He had stolen $300,000 from some private company for $4 million state contract. He was in charges of mail fraud as well.
  4. Alberto Fujimori
    Alberto Fujimori
    He was one of the most corrupt presidents in the world (Peru). He got 7.5 years for embezzlement and 6 years for bribes 7. Later he was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment for kidnapping and murder.
  5. Sani Abacha
    Sani Abacha

    He took £5 billion from government funds in Nigeria. He was one of the most corrupt leaders.
  6. Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein

    Iraqi president, who ordered the Central Bank to transfer $1 billion to his private account.
  7. Slobodan Milosevic
    Slobodan Milosevic

    Serbian leader, who was taken to the war crimes tribunal in the Hague for his crimes against humanity as well as illegal use of $2 billion.
  8. Mobutu Sese Seko
    Mobutu Sese Seko
    He was the Republic of Congo President. He embezzled 4 – 15 billion US dollars, which made the whole nation suffer.
  9. Ferdinand Marcos

    Former president of the Philippines, who used offshore bank accounts to channel governmental funds to personal accounts. According to the news, he stole $5 billion – $10 billion.
  10. Mohamed Suharto
    Mohamed Suharto

    Being an Indonesian president, he took 15 – 35 billion US dollars during more than 30 years in power.

Effects of corruption

Along with the reasons, corruption has its negative consequences. Thus, the most corrupt nationsin the world suffer a lot. It affects various spheres of life. The most widespread effects are as follows:

On people:

  • effects of corruption in nigeriaLack of quality in public services. In such countries, public resources and services are not very good. To get a proper one you need to pay certain sum of money. For example, doctors are not very attentive to your health. However, if you pay them, they might turn into very nice specialists. It also happens that professionals are not actually well-educated, as they have paid for their diplomas. As a result, you cannot be treated in a right way and may be even harmed.

  • Lack of proper justice. We have already mentioned it before. Judicial system might be very corrupt. Thus, the criminals can easily get away with their offences. Here we can talk about police corruption as well. The investigation might last for too long. During this time, culprits have an opportunity to commit much more crimes. Few cases are actually disclosed.

On society:

  • nigerian roads corruptionDisregard for officials. People stop trusting the officials. They have seen so many human rights abuses, that they just cannot imagine getting a good service without money.
  • Lack of respect for rulers. If the government does nothing to improve the situation, people stop respecting even the head of state. You should now that in social life respect is the principal criterion. Absence of faith leads to the low levels of voters turnout during the elections.
  • Aversion for joining the posts connected to corruption. Honest and hardworking politicians will never want to take the post.

On economy:

  • corruption effect in NigeriaDecrease of investment. People from abroad are not interested in giving large amounts of money to the corrupt officials.
  • Delay in development and growth. Big sums just vanish and are not spent on the industrial development.

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Finances are very important part of life for every state. Corruption makes them disappear. However, all the politicians must remember the definition of leadership. They must direct and help themselves and other people to do the right thing to move forward. Illegal acts are not what any country wants and needs.

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The world Bank (WB) has compiled a list of the most corrupt officials and statesmen from developing countries. These data are presented in the study of the world Bank "stolen asset recovery".

According to the report, the first place in this list is the former Indonesian President Mohammed Suharto, who, according to WB estimates, at the time of his rule (1967-1998) illegally embezzled between 15 and 35 billion dollars, what is the average annual rate from 0.6% to 1.3% of annual GDP of Indonesia.

The ten most corrupt public figures also included the former head of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos, which account for from 5 to 10 billion dollars. funds stolen from state coffers, former President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, whom the world Bank experts have attributed $ 1 billion., and former Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko, who stole from the state Treasury, according to WB estimates, from 114 to 200 million.

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