2016 budget: has President Buhari finally signed it?

Will Nigeria end 2016 with a legitimate budget? Find out what President Buhari had to say about it.

Almost 5 months of 2016 have passed and Nigeria had no legitimate budget to follow. Its economy is undergoing serious problems and common Nigerians strive to survive in highly unstable environment. Finally, President Muhammadu Buhari signs the Nigerian budget for 2016!

2016 budget passed

What President Buhari had to say about Budget 2016?

The signed budget amounts to N6.1 trillion. Now it is a legitimate law! The event took place on May 6th in Abuja. The president said that Nigeria has very tough times economically. Probably the current crisis is the toughest of all it had ever faced before.

budget 2016 news

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That is one of the reasons why Buhari has eventually signed the law. He still sees many flaws in it, but the situation is critical and it demands prompt reactions. Over the last months there have been many scandals attached to 2016 budget. Personalities and parties clashed over it. The actual printed copies of the law were missing. Huge sums of money could be stolen due to faults within the law and some people got sacked by the president.

Still he believes country can no longer go without a budget. So, this is the main reason behind him finally signing it.

What other politicians and people think of 2016 budget situation?

buhari signs budget 2016

Lots of political leaders speak out their minds on the subject. Many of them believe such a long delay was not necessary. Moreover, it endangered the stability within the country and promoted the ruination of its unstable economy. People mostly positively view the fact that 2016 budget was lastly turned into a law. Some of them worry over the ability of the government to stick to it and fully implement it for the good of the state and the people.

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A POINT OF CORRECTION; The 2016 Budget assented by PMB is 6.6 trn, not 6.1 trn. hope you noted.

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