56 years of Independence: Did anything change in Nigeria?

What is a quota system? What has changed in Nigeria within the last 56 years of its independence? Answers to these questions are in this article. Keep reading to find out.

quota system

First of all, let us start with the quota system definition to make sure we are on the same page with our readers. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a quota system is a method of setting the limit on how much of something a country or company is allowed to have, produce, import, etc.

Collins Dictionary defines quota system as a system that limits or prescribes individual shares, or quotas. The meaning of quota system is often contrasted with the federal character principle. In other words, quota system gives more opportunities to develop for those states in Nigeria that at the moment face more difficulties, while the federal policy helps their implementation into life.

Quota system in Nigeria helped the authorities to focus on the opportunities while the federal policy identifies and focuses on the benefits or privileges. Despite the fact that many politicians consider these two principles complimentary, people familiar with the matter state that there are more disadvantages of the quota system than those of the Federal policy.

 quota system in nigeria

Authorities believe that withing the years of Independence, the quota system in Nigeria has slowed the progress in many areas down. As one of the examples of this, they take the situation with the Nigerian police.

The police in Nigeria could have undergone a particular reform. The best candidates for this would be the educated graduates that have no jobs, and some of them might never get one. Unfortunately, though they would be best candidates to recruit for the newly reformed police the quota system in Nigeria does not let hiring 10,000 graduates. Instead, it will give way for uneducated couch potatoes who bought their diplomas to join the police.

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It truly is a sad example of how the quota system that was aiming to improve the overall situation in the country is acting otherwise. This reveals the general hypocrisy of the political system. Can you only imagine that as a result of the quota system in Nigeria, the newly reformed police can really be even worse than it used to be before, as not all of those who join it will be the best and the smartest Nigerians.

quota system meaning

This is just one of the sides of the quota system in Nigeria that reveals the real situation in the country. There ae many more examples where this method is not useful but is even considered harmful instead. Some specialists, when talking about the changes that occurred in Nigeria within the last 56 years of the Independence of the state, state that the situation with corruption is far from being exemplary. The politicians, official people and other prominent personalities in the country are corrupted as never before. As one person familiar with the matter stated, no good will come if the government of the country is stuck in mediocrity.

The better future for Nigeria is yet to come. More brilliant politicians with a genuine desire to make Nigeria prosper should take the situation under their control and help it develop. Otherwise, the country will remain in the current situation for a long time.

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