Another Boko Haram attack in Borno

The militants of Boko Haram grouping attacked the Borno village taking the lives of several people. Why Borno and what is the purpose behind this attack? These and many more details in my article.

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The Boko Haram militant grouping is in the news again! Borno state, which is in the north-eastern part of Nigeria, was shaken on Thursday by the militants from the Boko Haram grouping. The clashes between the soldiers of the Nigerian army and the militants of Boko Haram claimed lives of the soldiers and did not resolve in peace.
The sources state that between five and nine people were killed. The exact numbers were not available at the moment the correspondents inquired the Army’s Colonel about this data. This attack of the militants was not only aiming to harm official soldiers. 
As you remember, a few months ago, the militants of the Boko Haram grouping got into the villages in Borno state and started acting violently. They burnt the houses down, shot civilians and tried to attack official establishments. As a result, the community suffered the severe destruction: families are left with no roof over their heads; several people were hospitalized, as they were wounded with the heavily armed Boko Haram militants.

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The official sources state that it felt like the grouping tried to threaten the citizens rather than achieve any other goal. The destruction and wounds did not lead to anything else. People are now scared and desperate to leave the area. 
However, this time, the clashes were a result of the attack of the Nigerian army on the terroristic grouping. The soldiers were sent there as a past of a mission of destroying makeshift camps of the terrorists. The official Nigerian troops entered the camp of Boko Haram grouping. The latter opened fire, and several soldiers were severely wounded. Some soldiers are now missing.
The grouping fought for their positions, as they had food and weapon provision at the place, which they did not want to abandon quickly to the Nigerian forces. The clashes could be heard from far away. 

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After the terrorists had been sent off from their base, the soldiers withdrew weapons and destroyed food supplies in order not to let them get back to the base. However, the fierce Boko Haram militants trapped the Nigerian soldiers as the latter were approaching their camp. As a result of the clashes, several Nigerian soldiers were wounded. Allegedly, a few soldiers from the Nigerian troops were killed. 
Trusted sources also report that some weapons withdrawn from the militants’ camp is enormous. The Nigerian soldiers withdrew a whole gun truck that had an Anti-Aircraft Gun, an MOWAG Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), 1 Rocket Propelled Grenade Tube, 1 Light Machine Gun, 3 AK-47 rifles, and motorcycles, reports the BuzzNigeria website. 

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It is hard even to imagine what could have been done to the area the militants hibernated in with this amount of weapons. The soldiers should be proud and honored for a mission they completed, as they might have prevented a massive massacre in the region.
The soldiers that were wounded in the course of the Boko Haram attack last Thursday were hospitalized and are now under a watch of specialists. Moreover, the soldiers that were missing before have recently returned to the base and are now ready to fight off the rest of the terroristic grouping. 

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However, not all of the soldiers were found so far. That is why the authorities launched a special rescue mission to find them and ensure their safety. The Colonel of the Nigerian Army stated that they are going to search every inch of the territory the soldiers went missing at. As the correspondents note, the military authorities mean business.
The Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria have become quite a frequent occurrence. The latest news shows that the terrorists use their power to threaten civilians. Therefore, they made a mother watch her son being beheaded by the militants. This news shook Borno state not so long ago. 
As the terrorists reached her place of residence, Jummai Ibrahim tried to flee for safety. However, that tragic day the woman lost not only her small business and all the prospects in life but also her son who was beheaded on her eyes. This is not the only horrible story of how Boko Haram do evil.

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Their attacks are all marked with cruelty and inhuman attitude to everyone they meet on their way. This Islamic State organization has no mercy even to women and children. The BBC News once shared a video in which a young girl described how her mother was burnt by the militants, and the young lady was made to watch this.
The civilians of the northern areas of Nigeria are scared and authorities promise to take severe measures on the terrorists. The clash in Borno state mentioned above is one of their attempts to eliminate the presence of Boko Haram militants on the territory of Nigeria. 

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