Another Fulani Herdsmen attack: raped women and terror in Nimbo community

Is the latest news about another Fulani Herdsmen attack true or false? How has local government of the area reacted to it? Read the article to learn the latest news about this terrible situation.

Another Fulani Herdsmen attack

Fulani can't return to Nimbo now. Francis Igata has told about it, contrary to some newspaper reports claiming that Fulani's shepherds have returned in Nimbo to the Uzo-Uwani area of Enugu State and five of their women have been raped. However, traditional governor of community, which was attacked on April 25 2016, Igwe John Akor and state police have told that fulani herdsmen attack didn’t take place. The monarch said that in this news there was no truth. Nobody has been raped in his community. The soldiers preserving the peace left the territory. However, in the region, still enough police personnel is located. Also exposing the mentioned newspaper articles, leaders of community of Fulani have sworn staff that under no circumstances Fulani's herdsman won't come back to Nimbo after murders which have caused a lot of noise in April. Bala Ardo, secretary general of the group, talked to other leaders, and has explained to correspondents that leaders of group move those communities, participants of which are grazed in others territories. So they want to prevent all disagreements with owners.

fulani herdsmen attack

Igwe Akor denied any invasion of Fulani on the territory and said that there is no threat to civilians. According to his words, the last incident has happened in Nigeria for a long time ago. Akor reported that he was very surprised, having read such reports in mass media.

Police officer of department of public relations, Ebere Amaraizu, has also disproved articles, saying that after terrifying attack on the Nigerian area, on territories there was a great number of representatives of police team and that was impossible under such circumstance for the marauding herdsmen to come back to the territory in any way. As for raped women, you shouldn't even speak about it – it is impossible. He has told that the police has already begun investigation to find a source of such articles, to learn names of those who have given the press such false information and what their motives were.

Fulani herdsmen attacks in Nigeria

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Representative of police also informed some journalists on this problem. The chairman of Committee of local authorities of Uzo-Uwani has expressed his regret concerning new information about Nimbo. According to him, they have disproved report about made efforts against Fulani. He has remembered all measures, which his administration applied to guarantee that Fulani herdsmen attacks in Nigeria in April would become the last.

Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

Meanwhile, state residence Enugu has called to the relevant managements of safety quickly to frighten off raging Fulani's shepherds in Ukpabi, Nimbo community that they didn't come back after murder of 46 locals any more. Notable fear has shrouded natives of community after estimated news about one more Fulani herdsmen killings with the purpose to occupy the territory for pastures. The local lawyer gave alarm at the resumed hearing last Monday. Now they untangle indirect causes of the incident and propose the solution, which will prevent further invasion of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. However, Paul Nnajiofor suggested not to speak about this invasion openly as people can't still recover after previous murders. Families couldn't even bury their relatives. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures, but to be extremely careful.

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