Aondoakaa Again?

The progress being made at the gubernatorial elections tribunal which is handling the outcome of the controversial election re-runs in Ekiti state has attracted the attention of Nigeria’s controversial AGF, Michael Aondoakaa, who has now decided to help remove the chairman of the tribunal, Hamman Barkar.

Mr. Barkar's "offence" is that he has permitted "too many" exhibits, including videos, at the tribunal where the Action Congress (AC) candidate, Kayode Fayemi is challenging the fraudulent election of the incumbent and People's Democratic Party candidate, Segun Oni.

Three nights ago, Oni met with three other persons at the government house:  Adebayo Adenipekun, a lawyer from Afe Babalola’s chambers; Tunde Ogunsakin, the recently dismissed Director of Operations at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC); and an aide to the governor who is expected to handle the financial aspects of the operation.

Sources told Saharareporters that Ogunsakin is acting on behalf of Aondoakaa in the transaction. He remains close to the AGF despite his sack from the EFCC after he was accused of examination malpractices by the agency, and he remains in the police force.

The new plot is to blackmail and remove the tribunal chairman.  It would be recalled that in the last tribunal, Chief Afe Babalola caused two chairmen of the tribunal to be replaced as well. The outgoing president of the Court of Appeal, Umaru Abdullahi, is reportedly part of the plan.


SUNDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2009 15:25

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God! Im going nuts with this trash called Nigeria.


Recently some Nigerian paid homage to this man. And now he is part of the corruption to destroy the future of the same students.


Another animal blunder by an appointed man. who a lame has appointed.


When yaradua goes, he would be left out in the cold just like Al-mustapha, Ribadu etc

it is a matter of time!


Your Excellency

Alhaji Umaru  Musa Yar'adua,

President /C-in-C,

Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Aso Villa,


Dear Sir,


I, citizenY, your compatriot and fellow Nigerian citizen extend best wishes and hope this letter

will meet you in good health and spirit. I also wish you Ramadan Karim.

The purpose of this letter is to humbly demand that you effect a complete overhaul pf your cabinet

immediately as there are persons in the present cabinet who continue to insult our sensibilities to

your detriment. These insults have reached crisis proportions as we always get palpitations anytime

their names are mentioned.

Without taking much of your executive time, your legal adviser should go. He is a bundle of contrasts

compromises and it still baffles me how he passed the screening process. An associate/ legal counsel

for indicted governors like Ibori should never have even been mentioned to your hearing. I have my doubts

about his credibility in any matter anymore. This is based on his pedigree/past, current conduct/comments

on national issues that have to do with his office. These issues are well known to you as i am sure i will not

be the first person to complain.

Your works minister should also go and rest. I honestly do not wish that you shackle yourself with this man till

the next rainy season. If such happens,the citizens of this country that depend on the Apapa port for means of

livelihood will not be happy with you. If the man must be in government, let him go back to Nassarawa and

begin preparations for a governorship position.  This will give him an opportunity to serve his state and impart the

experience he has garnered at the federal level. Going by his track record, Nassarawa citizens will derive much

pleasure in judging him accordingly. At this juncture i wish to implore you to ensure that positive measures are

taken to avoid the nightmare on the Apapa/Oshodi expressway. It is now getting to the dry season and nobody

should tell us that there is no budgetary provision for this road in 2010.

Your former governor colleagues in the cabinet have not done well in my opinion and the most unfortunate scenario

we have is of a former university lecturer that cannot get the support of his constituency. The same applies to his

friend in the commerce ministry.

Your excellency, I have to go and earn a living. I am very sorry to bring this communication to an abrupt end, na NEPA

No more fuel in the generator. Let me use the battery  in my laptop to earn a living. Sorry to be rude---- na condition .

I shall continue the letter  when there is NEPA.Meanwhile, If  my next communication does not reach you, it will not be

unconnected with deregulation. Petrol may become too expensive  and my generator will move into hibernation. I may

trade it in for a tokunboh bicycle to avoid taking the bus  to work. I want to move away from all hydrocarbons--- back into the stone age

Yours respectfully,


PS. Please forgive my manner of approach. This are strange and hard times. The suffer dey make person speak in tonues.\

I no wan see vision. You may not like to hear what i am going to see.


Everything about this guy is wrong the guy don't have any honor at all.

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