Are NDA really going to declare Niger Delta Republic?

The famous terrorist organization NDA made a shocking announcement about separation from Nigeria! Learn more in this article!

niger delta avengers

Nigeria is shocked by another series of unexpected news. The terrorist group Niger Delta Avengers got together with the other organization called Adaka Boro Avengers (ABA) and both of them announced their intention to become officially separated from Nigeria.

They want to create Nigerian Delta Republic and they have already promised to do it on August 1.

The Federal Government is having a rather unpleasant situation as they were warned by the militants to take away all their soldiers before August 1 or they would have to face the consequences.

Both groups are basically giving the last chance for all of them to leave without being in danger.

According to the latest news, the representatives of the future republic want everyone to leave the territory as soon as possible.

However, they officially declared 3 weeks as a term when they can feel free to move around without a chance of being killed. But the militants warn that if they don’t do it there would be a lot of blood.

The new alliance of two terrorist groups claims their intentions to be extremely serious. They wrote a statement announcing that the decision to declare a Niger Delta Republic was made 18 July 2016.

So the Federal Government has only three weeks to have this problem solved which sounds really scary right now.

niger delta avengers

They have repeated several times their demand to withdraw all the military forces placed in Niger Delta by the government. The militants are threatening to kill all the staff if the people don’t obey their orders.

The representatives of the future Niger Delta Republic also say that they are going to make the borders open for a certain period of time. They say that they want everyone who ran away to come back as soon as possible.

And all of those who don’t agree with the policies of the terrorists should move out of the region. They promise not to commit murders unless needed.

According to the militants, in case the current habitants behave in a wrong way they would have to face the members of NDA.

The leaders are expressing their dissatisfaction with Buhari and his administration once again. They are tired from his political decisions and they want to have their own state with their own rules.

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They seem to be ready to fight for their independence really hard.

 “The federal government doesn’t treat us like normal people” – say the few of the Niger Delta Avengers members. They are feeling like Buhari is labelling them stupid and not capable of creating their own republic.

According to their words, there is no chance that the attacks will stop unless they get what they want. They also don’t expect any approval from the Nigerian authorities. They claim it unnecessary.

The visit of the Dalung

niger delta avengers

Solomon Dalung has visited the area of Niger Delta recently. He wanted to do it hoping that the negotiation with the leaders would help solve the crisis there.

After communicating with some terrorists he found out that oil companies have suffered badly because of the terrorists’ constant attacks. This business is going through a severe crisis right now because of the NDA.

After his visit he was quite shocked by what he saw and heard. Dalung has expressed his concern about the future of the Niger Delta region and gave interview to several newspapers describing his experience.

Except for the conversations and attempts to negotiate and find a solution there was a way that terrorist group benefited from this visit too. They were really prepared for the meeting, says the sports minister.

They handed him a letter for the Nigerian president declaring their decision. After he asked what the purpose of their actions was they explained their dreams to become totally independent from Nigeria.

They also complained about the bad education system and economical crisis in the region. They seemed to be exhausted and angry about the situation in the area.

Moreover, they found the intervention of the government absolutely unnecessary.

niger delta avengers

Dalung made some surprising statements afterwards.

He said that some of the members of Avengers are really young and desperate people who don’t know how to behave when they don’t get the right treatment from the government of their own country.

They want the better future but they can’t see it approaching.

After the long conversation with the representatives of the terrorist groups he was given a letter that he was supposed to hand to a president.

However, some of the issues described there were also said by the NDA members out loud.

The main conclusion that the minister made was the idea that the current leaders of Niger Delta region don’t fell the support from the government and that’s why they want to have the chance to build their own state where they will try to take care of those who share the same ideas with them.

But right now the state of affairs is terrible there. Nothing is working and even schools don’t seem to be open.

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