Are the 5 peace conditions of Zaria Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria doable?

Aware of the Zaria events? Learn more about the situation and possible solutions for it. Find out about the 5 peace conditions offered by Shia.

The old proverb states the there is no wisdom like silence. However, it is not the case with Zaria latest events. Few days have passed since the clash in Kaduna State.  All we know for sure there is lots of pain and indignation in Zaria people. We hear about many deaths and losses on both sides; we hear of innocent and unarmed civilians being killed. Still the government has not provided the evaluation or feedback on the situation and rumors keep on spreading around.

zaria bloody situation

What are the conditions of peace?

Shia Islamic Movement has come up with 5 top conditions which can lead to peaceful settlement of the conflict. Here they are:

Number 1:

Sheikh El-Zakzaky captivity

Their leader Sheikh El-Zakzaky has been capture and the group demands its immediate release and return.

Nubmer 2:

Shia Islamic Movement captive members

Many members of the organization have also been captured and the Movement demands their release, too.

Number 3:

stop the torment

The troops should cease to persecute, chase and torment all the followers and members of the group.

Number 4:

zaria killing by troops

All the dead bodies of the Shia Islamic Movement should be returned and the army should allow performing the Islamic burial ceremony according to their traditions.

Number 5:

supreme court in NIgeria

Finally, there is the demand to start and carry out complete and thorough investigation of the event in Zaria. They demand the justice and wish for these bloody events to go public. All the ones to blame for them should be adequately punished.

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When was the Shia Islam introduced to Nigeria?

Presently Islamic population of Nigeria comprises almost half of all its people. Shia Islam is the minority, which came to this country in 1980. It has been introduced  by Cleric Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Since that time the conflict between the Nigerian troops and Shia Islamic Movement has been escalating. In 2014 over 30 people were reported to be killed by the Nigerian army. During these last weeks of December 2015 it seems like it has gotten to new heights and attained the critical point.

history of shia in nigeria

In the past the situation with Boko Haram seemed to have started in a pretty similar way. Their leader was killed by the police and the conflict has led to the present day situation. The question is: would the government be able to follow peace and avoid creating the new Boko Haram in the form of Shia Islamic Movement? 

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I think the conditions are realistic and rationale. I beleive these people are really seeking peace as they have not put forward any hard or unreasonable conditions for this inhumane massacare that has shocked the World. If Buhari government is wise enough, not only he has to accept the Islamic Movment's offers completely, but also his government must apease them and compensate them for the following obvious reasons:

1- Playing his role as a successful, trustworthy, and powerful leader, who cares about his people and gains respect not only from his people, but also from international community.

2- Clean his hands from this undeniable crime against humanity that can lead to a big pain for his government and himself as an individual

3- Show he is powerful enough to stand against corruption and unlawful acts that only serves the enemies of Nigeria, even if it's commited with the army and security apparatuses

4- He is sending clear message to other parties to prevent foreign powers from instigating trouble in his country via either making use of these problems as excuse for running international trials and interfere in interrnal affairs of Nigeria or encouraging violence with help of some corrupt elemens in his government/army

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