Are Yorubas afraid of Biafra?

Are Yorubas afraid of Biafra and Igbos? Learn the answer to this difficult question.

Are Yorubas afraid of Biafra

The situation with Biafra continues to escalade in Nigeria. Its leader Nnamdi Kanu remains in prison. The question is: are Yurobas afraid of Biafra? Let’s find out.

How Yoruba tribe views Biafra?

This question was asked by Ken Okomma. This person collected the opinions of Yoruba friends and other people and analyzed the situation from different angles. The conclusion made by Ken is definite: Yorubas are not afraid of Biafra and Igbos.

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afraid of Biafra

In the past Dr Femi Aribisala has made a statement that Nigeria cannot survive or thrive without Igbos and their land. Many support such a belief. Thus some Yorubas become afraid to lose Biafra. But is that statement true? Not really.


Most Yorubas are not scared of competition or the loss of Igbos. They view themselves as equals. The truth is that neither Igbo people, nor Yorubas need to take something from the other tribe to grow and prosper. They can thrive together benefiting from the strong sides of each tribe, or they can part the way and thrive on their own. If such a freedom of choice is accepted, there comes no need for escalation or competition and even fear between the Igbos and Yorubas! That’s how they can live in peace!

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