Ban on Mass Disconnection of Electricity Consumers in Nigeria

What is happening now in Nigeria and why are so many customers disconnected? Read this article and find out!

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) – what is it?


It is an independent institution that controls the electricity and everything connected to it in Nigeria. NERC was established in 2005.

Obasanjo was the one who made it possible. There was the Electric Power Sector Reform Act in 2005 which allowed to change the way of the electricity bills get paid. It also included the regulation of the tariffs and all other aspects in Nigeria.

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NERC was established in order to regulate the companies that belong to the government. Moreover, any other electricity companies with the licenses also belong to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

So what happened was that The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission claimed the disconnection of electricity consumers in Nigeria.

The hugest problem that caused it is basically the fact that customers don’t pay the debts.


That’s why the representatives published articles and advertisements all over the media announcing that everyone has only 10 days to pay everything back. Otherwise, they would have to face the consequences. And that’s exactly what happened.

NERC publicly explained that all the mass disconnections in villages, cities and other areas are happening because all the customers didn’t pay their bills. They simply had no other choice other than that.

So the representatives of NERC note that the electric suppliers had to ban the mass disconnection. There is a certain plan that they have to follow and that’s why it happened. However, there were also a lot of mistakes made.

They announce that the disconnection wasn’t supposed to happen in a specific area, and then it should be explained immediately. They encourage people to report to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission so that they can solve their problems.

But they also note that those whose bills are paid don’t have to worry. Moreover, they shouldn’t have disconnected. So if any mistake was made, or someone did it on purpose, it should also be said as soon as possible.

Some people get the definition “mass disconnection” wrong and that’s why Oduntan, the head of the company, tried to explain what it really means so that people don’t get confused.


He said that many customers think they divide everything by areas. But it’s simply not right.

They would never just disconnect random areas, cities and villages. The point is only to get the debtors to pay. That’s why they do it only to those who don’t pay the electricity bills. So if you pay you shouldn’t worry.

NERC also confirmed this information. If people from your block got disconnected, it doesn’t mean that you will have the same problem.

If you shouldn’t have got disconnected but you did, report it. It is basically illegal so let someone know.

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission says that those who were disconnected by mistake will get compensation. They will get it for every day they had this problem.


However, there is another organization, the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) which basically rejects that there were any people disconnected by mistake. They say it’s impossible.

Therefore, there are different opinions about this topic. But the main point is that the mass disconnection obviously caused a lot of panic.

However, it’s not the right thing to do. You shouldn’t be worried at the first place, but if something happened – let the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission or the police know.

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