Baton Rouge shooting: What happened there?

How many police officers were killed in shooting on Baton Rouge? Was the personality of the suspect in murder identified? Read the article to learn the latest news about the tragedy.

Baton Rouge shooting

Baton Rouge shooting

In Baton Rouge, the unknown person in mask has shot several police officers. On the place of this incident were at least 7 employees of police. Then detained criminal has confessed that sought to destroy as much as possible white observers of the law in revenge for the fact that white police officers regularly kill Afro-Americans. The authorities give their names. All of them were deputy sheriffs of the city. After a while, the representative of police has addressed reporters and let know that most likely the criminal was arrested. Current accident was played near the building of police department of the city. Police officers were ambushed when they have come to investigate the message on the shots, which have sounded in the city. It was arranged not less than one armed person – informs Reuters, referring to the mayor. On the way to car wash, he has opened fire.

Baton Rouge police shooting

As a result of incident three police officers were killed, four more have been sent to hospital with wounds. ‘It means that two more offenders are still not caught — they are armed and unsafe. If you see the men in black, or people in masks, or people with something suspicious in hands, tell us at once!’ — Police officer McNeeley said. About murder of police officers, criminal case is brought. The area where there was a firing in law enforcement officers has been surrounded.

Later the criminal's personality has been identified. Gavin Long, who took part in Baton Rouge police shooting, served as marine in Iraq and was dissatisfied with violation of the rights of Afro-Americans by law enforcement agencies. Long, according to New York Times, joined the ranks of marines in 2005. In 2008, the rank of the sergeant was given to him. He has retired two years later. As The Guardian writes, at the beginning of 2016 in a network the website addressed to Gavin Long with using of his post and house addresses was registered, on which complaints of the Afro-Americans to oppressions from police officers were published.

shooting in Baton Rouge

The website Cosmo Setepenra, which author was represented by the radio host and the personal growth instructor was registered on the same e-mail. In the profile, the author called himself the veteran of marines of the USA in the sergeant's rank. On the Cosmo Setepenra page on Twitter in Sunday morning the record has appeared: ‘The fact that you wake up every morning, doesn't mean that you are living. And loss of a physical body doesn't mean that you are dead.’ Video, on which the Afro-American says that he has arrived to Dallas, where five police officers were killed, was posted on July 10 on Cosmo Setepenra channel on YouTube. He compares fight of black to oppression with fight for Independence of the USA. Cosmo Setepenra’s page in Facebook was removed for the unknown reasons on the evening on Sunday after firing in Louisiana. The estimated page of Long in a social network is also inaccessible.

shooting in Baton Rouge 1

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The murderer of three police officers in the shooting in Baton Rouge on Sunday is identified as the resident of Kansas City, who was 29 years old. On one of versions, the criminal could call special service 911 to entice police officers into an ambush.

Later one more version appeared. It became known that the 25-year-old server of Army of the USA, Mikey Xavier Johnson who was earlier serving in Afghanistan, has arranged execution. Materials for production of explosive, a rifle and bulletproof vests have been found in his dwelling.

shooting in Baton Rouge

President Barack Obama made a speech on Sunday in connection with the tragedy. He has called that each person, regardless of race or belonging to political party, was focused in words and actions, which unite Americans. The president has noted that this murderer won't be the last person who will try ‘to adjust us against each other. We will be able to make so that we were part of the decision, but not part of problem’ – he has reported.

The US President has issued the statement, in which he has denounced murder of police officers, having called it coward attack deserving condemnation. The head of state has characterized murders as attack on public servants, the rule of law and civil society. The president has promised that justice will come true and has offered full support of the federal government in carrying out investigation of murders.

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