Biafra: What is Kanu's last message from prison?

What did Nnambi Kanu claim and how did he explain Biafra wishes of independence? Get some answers to these important questions for all Nigerian people here right now!

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On Monday, July 25 Nnamdi Kanu, detained director of Radio Biafra and leader of the IPOB, indigenous people ofBiafra, made a claim from his prison cell saying that the restoration of Biafra nation was not his personal decision, but the task given to him by Almighty God (Chiukwu-okike- abiama) since he was conceived.

Kanu insisted that Biafra recovery will not be amused, as the company, which should be achieved under the eagle IPOB eyes, led by himself, a serious task that certainly must be performed in order to free his people from the contraption, which is called Nigeria without any fear of death.

Comrade Emma Powerful IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, who yesterday has made the revelation in a press statement, quoted by Nnamdi Kan talking about a couple of sympathizers who had previously visited him in jail, that he even offered his own life for Biafra restoration, ‘just as our Lord Jesus Christ did. He sacrificed his own life for the salvation of the human race’

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Kanu told:

‘The reason why my mom gave me birth was to restore and preserve Biafrans. I also can promise that the whole Biafran race will certainly be a perfect cleaned up nation and all the Biafra people would return home whether they live outside the country of our new nation. All our people will not roam the road any more’.

He also asked:

 ‘How could I encourage all Biafra people to work on the Nigerian upbringing, when we cannot speak the same language and we do not eat the same food, have the same culture. In any case, if we have come to their land for practicing our religion and culture, we will be beheaded.

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‘And their ladies wear the hijab, in other hand the Biafran women do not do that, due to the fact that our women do not wear the hijab, and also we do not have the same religion, they often see us as infidels, and so we will be beheaded. We have 100 per cent of Christians among us. Unfortunately, these people are Muslims and they consider killing us as a culture.

‘And in Biafra, where we came from, it will be difficult for any of our people to kill a man, because in my language a person is called MMANDU in English that means the pure beauty of life. So now you can see that it will not ever work out, the only possible solution is Biafra’.

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Then Mazi Nnamdi Kanu continued saying that he has no regrets in his dictionary on his detention, he added that he is willing to spend a hundred years in prison if it’s needed.

He also made it very clear that Biafran people are not trying to separate themselves from Nigeria, as they are much older than Nigeria. Kanu also explained that a person can talk about seceding, whether Nigeria is the country that colonized Biafra.

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‘But really, we are much older than this thing. Thus, we cannot be separated, and we just want to return to how we were then before the British people came. It means Biafra or we want nothing at all and Nigerians know that well’, - he said.

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