Boko Haram militants release a new video with Chibok girls

Boko Haram shocked the whole world again! What was in their new video? What happened to Chibok girls? You’ll find all news of Boko Haram terrorists here right now!

Boko Haram girls

A terrible video has appeared on the internet showing kidnapped girls Chibok with Boko Haram terrorists. New Boko Haram video has just been released on Sunday.

Boko Haram girls

The new video was released by Boko Haram, Jama'atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda Awati Wal Jihad, showed a group of girls (terrorist said, they are of 276 girls, who were kidnapped from Borno state, Chibok town). In that video, Boko Haram asked for a release of their terrorists in exchange for the kidnapped girls, 219 of whom are still believed to be situated in different Boko Haram camps.

Boko Haram videos

Boko Haram videos

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In the video The Boko Haram group also threatened to attack Lagos, Maiduguri and also Abuja. This video said to have been received exclusively by one Ahmad Salkida on the personal Twitter account, where the kidnapped Chiko girls were shown.

Salkida claimed that the newest Boko Haram video was strictly ordered to be released exclusively by Abubakar Shekau. So the video was shown and their demands were told.

It was already the second time, when Shekau has ordered a special video of the kidnapped Chibok girls to be shown to the public, since the kids’ abduction 852 days ago.

Chibok girls

Then Salkida also told that he was studying the video of ‘the Chibok girls’ very clearly, the video, which was sent only to me before its captors upload it to YouTube later. A lot of the girls can be well seen in the video. One of Chibok girls (Maida Yakubu) speaks her native language, and explains how the air strikes killed dozens of her comrades’.

Horrific pictures of some of Chibok girls, who were allegedly murdered by the terrible air strikes, can be seen in the end of the video. Boko Haram militants’ requirements stay the same, however, the only difference is a sense of urgency to save the kidnapped Chibok girls.

Chibok girl

Still Boko Haram news stays terrifying and shocking. Nigerians can’t wait girls to come back home and are still afraid of their children. Let’s hope everything will end well with no more murders.

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