BOMBSHELL!! Fayose Dares Buhari As He Bans Him From Traveling (MUST READ)

What political scandal has happened with Ayodele Fayose and president Buhari? Why did he ban Fayose from travelling? Read the article to learn the latest hot news.

Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the governor of Ekiti, dared the Federal government to carry out the contract, according to which he is forbidden to go abroad. He has commented it with the following words: ‘I don't feel surprise or disappointment because of the last plot of representatives of the president. He is a person, not having respect for the rights of Nigerians in spite of the fact that it is specified in the constitution of our country.

Fayose Dares Buhari

Now he wants to show what he is democratically elected president and military dictator. However, this is quite dangerous decision from the person, who turns out huge privileges from the constitutional situation. President Buhari and his subordinates have to remember the fact that states should have some autonomy, with Supreme power, which will be formally divided between government and states. Each state can carry out some extent of control over its affairs’.

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Ayodele Fayose

Chief press secretary of the governor has declared that few days ago, when Ayodele Fayose was notified about decision of the president, he has apprehended this news as gossips. The governor has concluded that such law has no relation to the constitution of Nigeria and violates human rights. He considers that such disrespect for the constitution and Buhari's positioning as dictator will expose him not as the best politician.

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